Travelling with Your Grandparents? Here’s How You Can Make Their Journey Comfortable

Almost every important relationship has a day set aside to celebrate that bond, whether it is your mom, dad, sibling or pet. So, it’s only natural to celebrate another very important relationship that you have with a specific set of people in your life – your grandparents. September 13th, celebrated as National Grandparents Day, highlights the role of grandparents in the family structure, and in shaping and nurturing their grandchildren

Grandparents are usually among the earliest interactions children have in their lives. They look after you, dote over you and often, give in to all your whims and fancies. So, showing your love and gratitude for them on this one day is the least you can do. And while there are many ways to do this, one of the simplest gifts is spending time with them and being mindful of their needs. For instance, when you’re travelling with them or taking a road trip, ensuring their comfort, safety, and convenience can go a long way in showing you care. Here are some tips to ensure every journey is smooth and comfortable for them.


Cushions and Pillows: Sitting in one place for an extended period, especially when you have aged, can cause body aches and joint pains. Hence, to make drives more comfortable, make sure to carry a few extra cushions to support or ease their back or limbs. Neck pillows can also come in handy in preventing pain or a catch in case they dose off.

Suitable Cabin Temperature: As we age, we tend to be more sensitive to extreme temperatures. For instance, if the outside temperature drops while you are travelling, and the air-conditioner is still on, it could make the cabin quite cold, and this could affect their muscles and joints. Your Ford Freestyle can prevent this from happening with its Automatic Climate Control. Whatever the temperature outside, the in-cabin temperature can automatically adjust to make it comfortable. The powerful air-conditioner is capable of bringing the cabin temperature from 50° Celsius to 25° Celsius in just 15-minutes and so discomfort is something you won’t have to worry about.


Easy Storage: Most grandparents always have something they cannot do without when they travel, such as their glasses, medicine or even something religious or spiritual. Ensuring these are within easy reach is necessary. Well, your Ford EcoSport can make this possible with its smart storage compartments designed throughout the car, from bottle holders to armrest with storage. So, whether it is a bottle of water that they want, a light shawl, an eye mask or anything else, it will also be easily accessible to them.

If they are seated in the front passenger, you can place their belongings for easy access in the centre console armrest which opens into a storage facility. The backseat’s retractable armrest also features cup holders that can make it easy for your grandparents to sip on a cup of tea or coffee while on the road.

Boot Space: On the other hand, if you need additional space for storing slightly bigger items, such as a wheelchair, walker or crutches for your grandparents, the EcoSport’s boot space is more than enough. You can even fold up the rear seats (they have a 60/40 split) to create even more space if you need it.

Planned stops: You may love adventure and spontaneity, but do you know what your grandparents love? Familiarity and certainty. Adventures can turn into misadventures, and that can make your grandparents anxious and uneasy. So before heading on a long drive, plan the route along with the pit stops and let your grandparents know before setting out. Additionally, navigation becomes easier, thanks to the built-in GPS in Ford’s infotainment display; it can help you find the best routes in locations that are unknown to you.

If you need to stop to let them stretch their legs, ensure the place is not very crowded and that they wear their masks at all times. Given the current scenario, make sure you have sanitiser or wet wipes with you at all times. It is also a good idea to carry home-cooked foods and snacks so that you do not have to stop anywhere for a bite.


On-road safety technology: No matter how safe or confident a driver you are, having a little more help when you’re on the road is always appreciated, especially when you are travelling with your loved ones. And the Ford Aspire takes this several notches higher thanks to several class-leading safety features that can ensure optimum protection for everyone. It is the only car in its segment to offer up to six airbags (front, curtain and side). It also has Electronic Brake Force Distribution and Anti-lock Braking System to ensure better grip and prevent you from losing control. It is also important to limit your driving speed and ensure seat belts are always fastened to increase safety.


Just as you get bored while sitting idle, your grandparents might feel the same way on long drives. Having a few things that can keep them entertained is always a good idea. Carrying a newspaper, book or magazine might help them pass the time on a drive. You can also ask them to recount stories from their younger days or travels, which they are sure to be more than happy to talk about.

Your Ford Endeavour’s infotainment system is another ideal way to help make the drive enjoyable for them. Its 8-inch touchscreen understands simple voice commands and is Apple CarPlay as well Android Auto compatible. You can turn on some of their favourite classics if they love music. Additionally, the infotainment system lets you perform several other tasks when driving, such as listen to music, audiobooks and podcasts, compose or listen to text messages, etc.

As you can tell, driving with elderly people can pose some challenges, but just as your grandparents took care of your comfort and safety when you were a child, it’s now your turn to do the same for them.