Power of Choice: A Ford for Every Occasion

With technological advancement, much like everything else around you, cars are also constantly being upgraded, not only to offer better safety, convenience, and driving experience but also to offer the highest environmental standards.

One of the most common terms you are bound to stumble upon in recent months is Bharat Stage VI (BSVI) when reading or researching cars. You would have also noticed that some popular models, especially the diesel-powered variants, were discontinued post the implementation of new emission rules, thereby portraying BSVI norms as an evil that took away your power of choice.

We tell you what exactly is BSVI and how you can still choose a perfect car to suit your needs, without striking a compromise. Read on:

What is BSVI?

To begin with, BSVI or BS6 is short for ‘Bharat Stage Emission Standard 6’, the latest emission norms set by the Government of India. Emission norms in India have been similar to those being followed in Europe. India skipped a generation and adopted BSVI directly to be at par with norms prevailing in Europe.

The new emission norms require a substantial reduction in tailpipe emissions for both petrol and diesel vehicles to limit the impact of vehicular pollution on the environment.

Say Yes to Diesel in BSVI Era

Since we’ve skipped one level of emission norms, there is a marked difference between BSIV and BSVI fuel. A large focus of the switch from BSIV to BSVI is on reducing Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) and Sulphur emissions from the vehicle exhaust. BSVI compliant fuel will bring down NOx emissions in diesel cars by 70% and petrol cars by 25%.

Reducing emissions to meet stringent BSVI rules, especially for diesel vehicles, required advanced technology and investments, which noticeably a lot of automakers in India chose not to make. But that has been misconstrued to paint diesel as a more polluting evil, which isn’t true.

In fact, BSVI compliant diesel cars bring down particulate matter (soot, the black smoke you see emitted from exhausts) by a whopping 80%. BSVI diesel engines will also emit a fifth of the Sulphur compared to BSIV, i.e.10 parts per million (ppm), compared to 50ppm in BSIV fuel. This brings down harmful emissions to a great extent and helps conserve the environment and air quality.

So, if you prefer a diesel car, chose from Ford’s wide-range of vehicles, all of which offer the fuel option to ensure you don’t have to compromise.

Meet Emission Targets Without Losing The Fun of Driving

To meet new emission norms, the exhaust system in all petrol cars has been fitted with three-way catalytic converters. These are small devices, fitted very close to the close to the engine, that reduce emissions from exhaust pipes. They reduce the potency of emitted gases through oxidation and reduction reactions before they are expelled into the air through the exhaust system. Three-way catalytic convertors, mandated as part of the BSVI switch, also control NOx emissions.

Diesel engines reduce emissions through a range of technologies like diesel particulate filters (DPFs) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) to help meet BSVI emission requirements. Higher displacement diesel engines use an additive (like AdBlue) to kill NOx emissions before they reach the tailpipe.

DPF traps soot and burns it completely with the heat in the exhaust. And for reducing NOx emissions, manufacturers opt for either lean NOx traps or selective catalytic reduction. Depending on the type of car, both these technologies can be found in Ford cars – right from the compact and powerful hatchback – Ford Figo to the full-sized SUV – Ford Endeavour.

BSVI compliant vehicles are also equipped with onboard diagnostics which come with a standard port to plug in diagnostic tools that can monitor emissions in real-time with RDE (Real Driving Emissions) – measures of pollutants emitted by the car.

Ford BSVI Portfolio

To ensure that every potential car buyer finds the car they prefer without compromising on any aspect, Ford offers the power of choice. So, whether you prefer a family sedan like the Ford Aspire, a stylish SUV like the Ford EcoSport, or a powerful and dynamic travel companion like the Ford Freestyle, all Ford cars are equipped to follow the latest emission standards.

In addition to being BS-VI compliant, your Ford car is also available in your preferred fuel and transmission type – petrol or diesel, with either a manual or automatic gearbox. This makes Ford amongst few car manufacturers in the Indian market to offer this scale of choice.

Ford – A car to meet diverse needs of Indian consumers:

  • Ford Figo perfect for young, first-time car buyers, is available with a 1.2-litre petrol engine and a 1.5-litre diesel, both of which meet BSVI norms. This hatchback is a value for money offering that’s fun-to-drive as well as completely safe.
  • If you’re adventurous and your weekends tend to include long drives or road trips, the Ford Freestyle, India’s first Compact Utility Vehicle (CUV) with an SUV like design and benchmark performance, is perfect. It features a three-cylinder 1.2L TiVCT petrol engine and delivers outstanding fuel efficiency, best-in-class 96 PS of peak power, and 120 Nm of torque. And the 1.5L TDCi diesel engine generates class-leading 100 PS peak power and 215 Nm of torque. Both are BS-VI compliant.
  • For those who require space above everything else, Ford Aspire offers one of the most spacious cabins in the sedan segment. Ford Aspire is also offered with both petrol and diesel engine options to choose from
  • If you love SUVs but spend most of your time wading through challenges of urban landscape, think of Ford EcoSport, India’s first compact SUV. This outstanding car will be your great companion for those weekend getaways. IT’s capabilities and great ground clearance will ensure you can wade through any challenges that the road may throw at you. For even greater convenience, choose recently introduced Ford EcoSport Titanium automatic, powered by a six-speed torque converter automatic gearbox and a BSVI compliant 1.5L 3-cylinder petrol engine that offers 122PS of power and 149Nm of peak torque. The diesel’s 100 PS and 215 Nm, coupled with outstanding fuel efficiency of 21.7 kmpl.
  • Packed with innovative features like Terrain Management System, Parallel-Park Assist, Hill Launch, and Descent Control, the Ford Endeavour is the most capable SUV in India that will make all your drives a smooth both on and off-road. It is powered by an all-new 2.0L EcoBlue diesel engine that churns out 170 PS and 420 Nm. It is also the first car in India to come with a 10-speed automatic gearshift. And of course, it is BSVI compliant. Do check out the recently introduced Endeavour Sport.

All Ford cars come with BSVI engines that are fun-to-drive performance leaders, offer outstanding safety, unmatched convenience and greater value. So, if you are looking to buy a new car this coming festive season, there’s no better choice than Ford. Dial-A-Ford at 1800-419-3000 to schedule a home test drive today.

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