A Proud Coffee Addict? Here’s Why You Must Visit A Coffee Plantation

As a coffee lover, you will agree that your day doesn’t start until you have that first sip of a delicious, steaming hot cup of coffee. It’s pretty much the perfect companion for any situation, be it sitting by the window on a lazy, rainy afternoon or working till the wee hours to complete an assignment. Even a road trip or a long drive isn’t complete until you make a pitstop for a cup of coffee. But have you ever wondered why coffee is one of the most preferred beverages? Well, according to studies, caffeine increases alertness and concentration and reduces fatigue. It’s no wonder why it’s perfect for those long drives. Coffee is also known to temporarily boost brainpower, reaction time and decrease drowsiness.

Now that you know some of the reasons that make coffee such a widely loved drink, it’s time to celebrate it in a more interesting way. And International Coffee Day, which is celebrated on October 1st, is the perfect opportunity to plan your next road trip to a plantation where your favourite bean (actually seed) is grown. Why, you ask? Read on.

Know Your Favourite Beverage

A coffee plantation tour offers the opportunity to learn about the coffee plant, different types of coffee, how it’s grown, and various ways to drink it. This makes it far more interesting than just reading the options on a menu and picking a coffee to sip on. The in-depth knowledge that this will enhance your coffee-drinking experience and will promote you from a coffee lover to a coffee connoisseur. And one of the best things about visiting a plantation is that you are bound to find coffee factories where you can get a glimpse of how your go-to beverage is made. You can watch them separate the seeds from the plant, dry and roast the coffee beans and finally powder and filter it.

Support Local Businesses

When you decide to visit a coffee plantation and a coffee factory, you are also supporting local businesses. Especially, in the COVID-19 hit economy, having the chance to support a small or local enterprise, can make a world of difference to business owners. In addition to this, you can take home some freshly ground and packed coffee powder, which also make great gifts for any other coffee-loving friends you have. And for weeks after your visit, each cup of coffee will be more special because it will remind you of your lovely trip.

Most coffee plantations tend to be away from the crowds of the city and in hilly areas that will require you to traverse narrow windy roads but this will be extremely easy in your Ford Freestyle, thanks to its compact body style and outstanding capabilities. The car will keep you safe too through class-leading features like the Active Rollover Prevention that helps you negotiate sharp turns by preventing your car from toppling; up to six airbags and the only manual transmission car in its segment to offer hill launch assist.

Escape to The Tranquil Estate

After being stuck in the house for the last several months, a quick trip to a beautiful coffee plantation is probably just what you need. The good news is that there are several places you can head to (in the comfort and safety of your own car) if you want to swap your screen time for some green time. Most coffee estates are located in serene hills, away from maddening crowds of tourist destinations, making them perfect to escape and unwind during these times of social distancing.

For instance, Coorg in Karnataka, India’s prime coffee area, is a hill town with mother nature’s lush, green blessings all around. There are several quaint homestays around the coffee plantation for some tranquil time away from your routine life. The small and lesser-known hill station of Yercaud in Tamil Nadu is another coffee growing area. It’s in the glorious Shevaroys of the Eastern Ghats. Take a drive to one of the many coffee plantations in India this monsoon, when the climate is at its peak of serenity.

Getting to the plantation will be a breeze in your Ford EcoSport, offering great capabilities, outstanding engine and class-leading safety. Your route to the plantation would require you to negotiate certain narrow, unpaved roads too and doing so in your compact SUV would be as easy as taking on traveling on well-laid roads, thanks to its higher ground clearance and water wading capacity

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Make A Trip Out Of It

With travel restrictions being lifted across the country, there’s no reason why you cannot make a weekend trip out of this coffee plantation visit. You can travel with your family or some of your closest friends, however, make sure to take every precaution necessary considering the current situation. For starters, drive in your Ford car, carry essentials like sanitiser, mask, disinfectant and anything else that you need to keep yourself safe. Avoid making pitstops at crowded places on your drive, and instead of stopping at restaurants, carry snacks from home that go best with coffee.

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A visit to a coffee plantation is an off-beat travel choice since it may not be overcrowded. Therefore, apart from being great for social distancing, and nobody will photobomb your aesthetic pictures amidst the endless greenery. So, head over to a coffee estate and create a new adventure that you can share with your friends, the next time you meet them for a cup of coffee.