This Festive Season, Celebrate New Beginnings with A Ford

Your calendar may have been rather monotonous for the last few months; even if there were special events, celebrations would have been confined to your home. But now, with Navratri around the corner, it’s time for all things merry! Despite the testing events of this year, many have found joy in new beginnings. And as the festivities knock on your door, you are probably thinking of ways to make them even more special. Well, how about bringing home a brand-new car to take on the prosperous journey that lies ahead of you?

With outstanding technology, safety and other convenience features, Ford makes cars to suit your diverse needs. So, read on to find the perfect Ford creation to amplify your reasons to celebrate this Navratri.

For the Newly-Weds

If there was ever a time that enunciated the importance of companionship, it’s the one you are currently live in. Over the past few months, many couples decided to seal the deal by having an intimate lockdown wedding. If you too started a new life with your better half and are celebrating your first festive season together, then a new car is sure to add to the joy of embarking on a new journey together. Buying a car is a milestone for many couples and often plays a big role in forging a lifetime of special memories. Besides, if you missed out on a honeymoon because of the travel restrictions, now is a great time to plan some of your most romantic road trips together. And a new car can make those exciting adventures a reality. But do so with utmost precautions. Here is a list of some offbeat destinations that you can visit to stay away from maddening crowds in these times of physical distancing.

Ford Freestyle, India’s first compact utility vehicle with an SUV-like design makes an excellent choice since its size is perfect for zipping through daily traffic, and its sturdy built makes weekend getaways to the hills a breeze. It comes with the a five-speed manual transmission for sportier, quicker gearshifts, and features a first-in-segment – Active Rollover Prevention and Hill Launch Assist. And its infotainment system offers a range of functions; navigation, hands-free calling, entertainment and more.

For First-Time Parents

Many entered the most rewarding phase of their lives – parenthood during these times. As you welcome a new member into your family, this added responsibility means you need to think about your little one’s comfort, wellbeing and safety. Right from routine checkups and vaccination appointments, to visits to their grandparent’s home and family holidays, there’s plenty of travel in store for your child. Having a private car is especially important in the current situation when your baby’s safety will be of paramount importance. So, you must ensure the car you buy can accommodate your child’s every need and make every drive a smooth one. Here are some tips to help you pick the right car for your new-born, and how to ensure every drive is a safe one with a baby on board.

For New Homeowners

Are you moving into a new home this Navratri? If yes, then it only calls for bigger celebrations. A new home is synonymous with new beginnings and celebrating your first festival here should be a memorable one. Nonetheless, filling up an empty house is quite a hustle, considering you have to move several boxes in, unpack and set everything up in time for the festive season.

Going back and forth between your old house and the new to shift your belongings can definitely be taxing. But a car that can influence this process and perhaps make it easier to start this new beginning can help amplify the joy of moving into a new home. The Ford Endeavour, with its king-size boot capacity of 2,010 litres, can make a lot of room for your belongings and can even reduce the number of trips you have to make when you are moving. Besides, moving into a bigger house that can accommodate your growing family also calls for upgrading to a bigger car for those future weekend family getaways.

For First Time Car Buyers

Despite the break from the normal, some of you must have utilized this time acquiring a life skill, driving. It’s no mean feat, and it’s an achievement you should celebrate. If you are financially independent, giving yourself a well-earned gift this Navratri will be a wonderful idea. And there’s no better gift than buying your first car. Besides, considering the current scenario driving in your own car can be a safer way of commuting for you and your family.

Ford Figo, a compact hatchback makes for a perfect first car. It is packed with smart features like touchscreen navigation, automatic headlamps, rain-sensing wipers and push-button start. It is also equipped with safety features like six airbags, rear-view camera, and Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD). And its compact yet powerful body will make driving along narrow and traffic-heavy roads trouble-free.

If this year has taught you anything, it is the fact that every moment in life is worth cherishing. So, this Navratri, bring home a new Ford car and look forward to a future filled with happiness, positivity and love.

Here’s a small ode from Ford to all New Beginnings, this festive season: