Celebrate Singlehood With These Spectacular Road Trips With Your BFF, Your Ford

While peer pressure might compel you to think that life is complete only when you find ‘the one’, it is not necessarily true. Many find solace in their own company and enjoy flying solo, be it watching a movie or taking a road trip.

Hitting the road as a single person, although intimidating at first, can turn out to be an exciting, liberating and life-changing journey of self-discovery. And when you have a forever travel partner – your trusted Ford – which is always down for a spontaneous or pre-planned trip, you’ll find that you don’t need much else. So, as you gear up for the upcoming weekends and holiday season, celebrate singlehood and the unflinching companionship of your Ford car with a trip to one of these off-beat locations.

Bangalore – Thirthahalli

Nestled between the dense forest of the Western Ghats, Thirthahalli is a small town located 350 kilometres from Bangalore, on the banks of river Tunga. During your drive here, you can take a refreshing dip to rejuvenate your senses at the roaring Jog waterfalls. Wildlife enthusiasts can consider visiting the Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary for some awe-inspiring clicks. And if you are an admirer of the renowned Kannada poet Kuvempu, head to Kuppalli, a small village in Thirthahalli, which is famous as the birthplace and childhood home of Kuvempu.

Thirthahalli will take you away from the chaos of Bangalore and let you bask in nature’s serenity. Park your Ford EcoSport on the banks of the river while you enjoy your favourite tunes on SYNC. Or just recline in your seat, draw inspiration from the lush greenery and let the poet in you come alive.

Mumbai – Kalsubai Peak

Surrounded by gorgeous green forests, Kalsubai peak in the Sahyadri mountains is located 150 kilometres from Mumbai. Its summit, situated at an elevation of 1,646 metres, is the highest point in Maharashtra. So, if you are craving some adventure, a trek up Kalsubai and its breathtaking panoramic view is an excellent idea. And if you are planning to make an overnight journey to this hill station, you can camp on the banks of Bhandardara lake, 20 km from the base village of Bari.

Treks and hikes are usually enjoyed with minimal fuss and distractions. This way, you’ll be in the right headspace to reflect on your thoughts and soak in every ounce of the experience. And this is what makes it an ideal activity for solo travellers. Despite the drive to Kalsubai being a tricky one due to the narrow, winding roads, the Active Rollover Prevention in your Ford Freestyle will help you maintain grip and control on sharp turns. It also has six airbags, automatic headlamps, wipers, embedded navigation which, like a true BFF, always looks out for your safety.

Delhi – Naukuchiatal

Naukuchiatal or ‘lake of nine corners’ in Uttarakhand is one of the most scenic getaways from Delhi. Located at an elevation of 3,996 ft and about 300 kilometres from Delhi, this picturesque lake is surrounded by verdant trees and is a treat for nature lovers. The tranquillity of the lake is a perfect spot to meditate and connect with yourself. And with everything that has been thrown at you this year, you truly deserve to take some time off to unwind and clear your mind.

The number one rule of a relaxing getaway for self-reflection is to travel alone. So, call yourself lucky if you’re single as you are not answerable to anyone while planning your trip. And with your cool and compact Ford Figo that is up and ready for all your travel demands, you can be as flexible as you want. You can even extend your weekend trip to a week-long one and explore unmarked roads; your Ford Figo, with its embedded navigation, will always support you in following your heart.

Chennai – Gandikota

Gandikota infamously called the ‘Grand Canyon of India’ is the perfect weekend escape from Chennai. The best time to visit is between November and March, although it can get quite hot nearing summers. A 350-kilometre drive from Chennai, you can explore the Gandikota Fort and even camp there at night for a stargazing experience. Gandikota is also a historical town with temples from the ancient dynasties.

The spacious boot of your Ford EcoSport ensures you can carry all your travel essentials and camping equipment. And if you are worried about the heat, the Climate Control feature will ensure that you stay comfortable by setting the temperature as per your needs.

Kolkata – Mandarmani

If beachy getaways are your preferred travel experience, Madarmani is a must-visit. This small sea-side village is only 170 kilometres from the capital city of Kolkata. It is one of the few motorable beaches in India, making it ideal for a thrilling getaway. Open up your Ford Endeavour’s Electric Panoramic sun-roof as you hit the beach and breathe in that tantalising sea-breeze. Remember to do so only when your car is stationary. Catch some moments of solitude and relax on the beach with a great book or take a stroll while enjoying a beautiful sunset. And if you want some, here are some tips on how to make the most of your solo trip.

Being single doesn’t have to mean missing out on something special. It can offer you the time, space and energy to find passion in things like film, literature, poetry, art and travel, all of which can move you in ways like nothing else. Besides, with family, friends and pets to shower you with love and care, there’s no reason to feel alone. And most importantly, with your loyal and faithful Ford car by your side, you can pick any destination on the map and be sure that the journey will be a fun and exciting one.

Feature image courtesy: Ranju S Nair (@wanderlust_doctor on Instagram)