Here’s How To Pick A Perfect Ride For A Perfect Person, Your Mom

A mother is just like a hero. They are the most selfless people – putting others, their happiness and well-being – ahead of themselves. While being a pillar of strength to their families, warm hugs are the only thing they need in return. Motherhood is a job that has no weekends or public holidays (except for, maybe, Mother’s Day). It isn’t always easy, but they make it seem effortless – chasing their own goals while helping their family fulfil their own.

Being a mom often means always being on the go; running from office to school meetings to taking care of the family’s smallest needs. And their capability to power through they day while juggling different tasks demands they have a car that makes things easier for them to maneuver through their daily chores. So, here’s what you should look for while picking a car for that one perfect person in your life, your mom.

The Go-Getter

Your mother may be free-spirited, pursuing her passions and dreams, but she finds a way to give equal importance to her family, career and personal aspirations. And she is often seen encouraging her loved to do the same. The most determined person in the family, once she puts her mind to something, there’s probably nothing that can stop her from achieving it.

The Ford Freestyle will perfectly match her passion and drive to do more while stopping at nothing. A Compact Utility Vehicle, the Freestyle complements her never say-no spirit and will give her the confidence to navigate life on her terms. Equipped with capable diesel and petrol engines, Active Roller Prevention, Electronic Stability Program and more, it will let her confidently and effortlessly take on any road, just like she navigates through the many demanding situations in her daily life.

The Role Model

Everything your mother does and all that she stands for inspires those around her. She not only talks the talk but walks the walk too. She protects her people, pushes them to do more and guides them on their journeys. She is the first to cheer you on your accomplishments, but also offer helpful critique to make you better.

If your mother is the kind of person people look up to and try to emulate, Ford Endeavour is a car that matches her level of inspiration and awe. It is built to take on epic adventures, no matter what road lies ahead. The Terrain Management System ensures paramount traction and a stable journey on all surfaces – sand, snow, mud and rock. It can comfortably accommodate her entire family in its plush, protective confines while offering a host of performance features, such as Electric Locking Rear Differential, Hill Launch Assist, Rollover Mitigation and Hill Descent Control.

The Protector

Whether it is standing guard beside the bed of a sick loved one or planning and creating a better future of her kids, all mothers speak the language of safety. This deeply rooted instinct is a selfless manifestation of love that moms have for their dear ones. Just like she always prioritises the well-being of her family, she needs a car that ensures their safety too. And that means ensuring your car includes top-notch safety features such as Antilock Braking System, Electric Stability Control, Emergency Assistance, Cruise Control and more. Ford cars have long been known for packaging their cars with best-in-class safety features, including six-air bags to ensure all-round protection for every passenger. You can know more about Ford’s class-leading safety features here.

The Multitasking Queen

It goes without saying that multitasking is a way of life for all moms; it is a superpower that helps them achieve so much in a single day. But some moms multitask like its second nature to them. At any given moment, they are thinking about many tasks simultaneously. But whether she’s cooking while helping her kids study, driving them to practice or a playdate while taking work calls, she does it with ease and style. Her ability to switch gears from being the employee of the month to ‘mom of the year’ is a lesson in greatness.

Having a car that can help her do more as she multitasks her way through life is, no doubt, a winner. And that’s precisely what the Ford EcoSport will offer her. With a host of convenience features like rain-sensing wipers, automatic headlamps, voice-enabled infotainment system and outstanding safety, this sturdy compact SUV does its part to make life a tad easier.

Furthermore, Ford cars also offer FordPass connectivity across variants, which is designed to make her driving and car ownership experience more enjoyable. Just as she keeps an eye on her loved ones, she’ll never be too far to keep a check on her car. FordPass will allow her to control her car and perform a host of functions – like switching it on/off, getting vehicle health alerts and even locating the vehicle in a confusing and crowded parking lot – through her phone.

You can’t deny that moms know best, and when it comes to cars, Ford understands what compliments her never-ending adventures. A strong mom raises a strong family, and with the right set of wheels, she can take on every journey with confidence and ease.