Finding The Perfect Car To Suit Your Personality

Just like you can match your bag to your outfit, your shoes with your belt, you can even find the perfect car to match your lifestyle or your personal taste. Because, honestly, when it comes to cars, while mileage is an important deciding factor, so is design, style and appearance. For most people, the perfect car is one that not only meets their budget and travel needs but reflects their taste too. After all, your car is your travel companion and much like what you choose to wear every day, the car you drive must compliment your lifestyle.

Understanding this, Ford offers a range of different kinds of cars to best suit your style preferences and functionality. Here’s how Ford makes it easier for you to pick a car to suit your every need:

Cute & Compact

If you think ‘the smaller, the better’ when it comes to cars, then a compact & efficient hatchback like the Ford Figo is an ideal pick for you. Be it everyday drives in and around your city, or weekend getaways, the Figo can make every journey smooth and enjoyable. Its well-proportioned design and right size allow it to navigate through narrow lanes easily. But, don’t let its size deceive you; it is spacious, sturdy and exceptionally powerful, making it an excellent on-road companion.

Key features:

  • Safety: Six airbags (front, side and curtain) ensure protection for all passengers
  • ABS and EBD: Anti-lock Braking System and Electronic Brake Force Distribution ensure better grip and control even during tough driving conditions
  • Touchscreen Infotainment: With built-in navigation, you can find the smartest routes while driving
  • Unmatched Convenience: Automatic rain-sensing wipers and headlamps that switch on sensing the driving conditions to eliminate the need to fiddle with switches
  • Push-start, so that you can keep the key in your pocket at all times
  • Rear parking camera to assist you park in the tightest of spaces.
  • Greater Choice: Both diesel and petrol engines to choose from that generate class-leading power, without compromising on fuel efficiency

Class and Finesse

Prefer a car that oozes timeless design with a hint of modernity? Fantastic compact sedan the Ford Aspire could make a perfect match. Not only does its sleek, elegant style compliment a suave, sophisticated personality, but its technology and advanced capabilities ensure it is future-ready too. Featuring a premium cellular grille, 15-inch alloy wheels and first-class interiors, this car can add oomph to every drive. It’s an ideal car for a family, keeping you not just safe but ensuring that all of you are comfortable on every journey – be it city commutes or long weekend drives.

Key features:

  • 359-litre boot space to ensure carry around a weekend’s worth of luggage and more
  • Automatic climate control ensures you are comfortable on every journey no matter the weather conditions outside. The A/C can bring down cabin temperature to 25-degrees from sweltering 50-degress in just 15-minutes. Your Aspire’s a/c cools and heats the cabin evenly and you won’t need cosmetic vents at the rear to keep the maintain temperature
  • Touchscreen Navigation makes navigating and entertainment easy and enjoyable.

Sporty and Aggressive

Stuck having to choose from style, fun and safety? The Ford Freestyle comes to your rescue by bringing together all three features. India’s first Compact Utility Vehicle or CUV, the Ford Freestyle has a bold, aggressive SUV-like robust design and capabilities to match the more outdoorsy nature that utility vehicles are known for. It is a perfect companion for free-spirited souls who want to live their lives to the fullest. With an imposing grille, sculpted bumper and many other striking design cues, the Freestyle’s commanding stance inspires a sense of confidence.

Key Features:

  • A nimble five-speed manual transmission that brings out its sportier pedigree with quicker gearshifts
  • Enhanced safety with features like Active Rollover Prevention, Hill Launch Assist and Electronic Stability Control, to make road trips are more fun and safer.
  • Best-in-class ground clearance of 190MM makes conquering challenging surfaces easy
  • Award-winning infotainment system with inbuilt navigation to make entertainment enjoyable
  • Efficient and cost-saving: The diesel variant offers about 1000 km on a single tank, so no worrying about the fuel costs while you’re on the road.

More Fun & Style on Your Side

If you are in love with SUVs but want a car that is perfect to fuel all your adventures within and outside the city then look no further than the Ford EcoSport. A car that started the compact SUV segment, this vehicle is a perfect combination of fun, style and thrill. Unlike most other compact SUVs that just look the part, Ford EcoSport doesn’t stop at that. At the heart of this car are its unmatched capabilities that will help you go that extra mile that you expect from an SUV.

Key Features:

  • Greater Choice: Among a handful of compact SUVs that offer both diesel and petrol engine options, both paired to a 5-speed manual transmission. For even greater choice, the EcoSport petrol also comes with class-leading six-speed automatic gearbox
  • Outstanding Power: Both diesel and petrol engines paired to the EcoSport generate class-leading power of 122 PS and 100 PS respectively to ensure you have enough power to surge through any tricky situation
  • Unmatched Safety: Built strong, the EcoSport keeps from harm’s way. It offers up to six airbags to ensure all around safety for all occupants. Technologies such as EBD and ABS ensure drivers always have completer control of the car, at all times.
  • Hear what one of EcoSport owners, Karan Vazirani has to say about the compact SUV and why it’s the best compact SUV in the market.

Rugged and Powerful

If you’re one of those who is always ready to take adventurous and thrilling getaways and prefers going off the beaten path, then it only makes sense for you to drive a car that is capable of matching your wild side, Ford Endeavour. It is spacious, powerful and capable of traversing every terrain. Be it a drive through snow-clad mountains or rocky forests, this Ford’s SUV is game to take on any unmarked roads.

Key features:

  • Climate control: You can adjust the cabin temperature to your liking with a simple voice command and minimal hassle.
  • Smart storage compartments: With more than 20 compartments, everything fits perfectly where it needs to yet is easily accessible
  • Wide sunroof: Elevates views and driving experiences, especially on scenic road trips
  • Terrain Management System: The Ford Endeavour ensures you can tackle any surface – rock, sand, snow and even off-road surfaces.
  • When you want to enjoy life on four wheels, it’s important to choose the best. Irrespective of your style preferences and driving needs, Ford’s range of cars promises to be by your side at every mile of your journey. So, call Ford on 1800-419-3000 to book a test drive today and find your perfect on-road companion.