Giving Tuesday: Simple Ways To Appreciate The Heroes of Today

When you think of superheroes, your mind is likely to picture big, burly, cape-wearing individuals, who have super strength or amazing powers that help them fight bad guys and save the world. But if 2020 has taught us anything, it is that superheroes are as human as you are. While they may not wear capes, they certainly wear masks. And a lack of superpowers does not stop them from helping to aid and protect the general public.

Despite a global pandemic sweeping across the world, shutting down schools, airports, offices and even the economy, courageous frontline workers have not only been fighting the virus but helping others do so too. They have also provided delivery and other essential services to ensure the safety of millions of people. So, on this year’s Giving Tuesday, it only seems apt to give back to those who have helped navigate and steered the country out of an exceptionally difficult situation.

Delivery Agents

Whether it was groceries, medicines or any other online order, they became our link to the outside world and took care of our needs, while we sheltered in our homes. Working on stretched schedules and riding the extra mile for our convenience, contactless deliveries became the norm for delivery agents. From daily temperature checks to following every protocol, nothing broke their stride; not even harsh weather conditions. Giving them a high rating, personal comments and even a small tip as a toke of appreciation are excellent ways to express gratitude for their services and commitment.

Workers At Daily Need Stores & Pharmacies

While today’s generation is accustomed to online shopping, the lockdown imposed several challenges for those who aren’t digitally savvy or are used to heading to the local store for their every need. In the early months of the pandemic, workers at essential stores and chemists functioned around the clock, braving the precarious situation to make life easy for the rest of us. The absolute best way to thank them is to stay at home and step out only when extremely important. While visiting stores, ensure you’re wearing a mask and carrying sanitiser.

House Help

The lack of domestic help during the lockdown probably was an eye-opener on just how tough it can be to get through household chores without any help. It not only channeled a wave of appreciation for house help but made us value the work we took for granted. Ensuring a steady livelihood is one of the most formidable steps you can take to applaud their efforts along with providing essentials such as masks and hand sanitisers so that they can stay safe. And, occasionally, checking on how they are feeling or if they need anything, in particular, can go a long way in making this difficult situation a little easier on them as well.

Public Service Employees

While many had the luxury of settling into a work from home routine, public service employees had no choice but to commute to work. Employees working at banks and government offices have had to be extra cautious about their safety while dealing with several people daily. One of the most courteous things you can do is to be patient and cordial while they do their jobs. Try and club different tasks in one visit rather than visiting the offices several times. Remember to always wear a mask while talking to them. They are risking their lives while working for you, so it’s only fair that you consider their safety.

Factory Workers

Another set of employees that have put themselves at risk to bring stability to a dwindling economy is factory workers. While the lockdown kept most people safe at home, these workers ensured production moved swiftly and smoothly so that people from across the country had access to all the products they needed – from everyday groceries to PPE kits and masks, and even big-ticket purchases like electronics and cars. Keeping shelves stocked made it easier for people to deal with this new normal, whether it involved buying gadgets to enable working and learning from home or book and buy a brand-new car to ensure you and your family would be safe while travelling. Posting about their efforts on social media is one way to create awareness for their safe working conditions and give them the impetus to keep the supply chain rolling.

Frontline Workers

Countless people in the healthcare industry have been working relentlessly since the pandemic started, often staying apart from their loved ones for weeks and months. These heroes have faced some of the most challenging situations while caring for patients throughout this entire ordeal without asking for anything in return. Staying home, maintaining social distance and wearing masks are some steps you can take to pay respect to their strength and resilience. If you want to #GoFurther in your gratitude, you can coordinate with nearby hospitals or clinics and arrange for meals to be delivered to hospital staff and other essential workers like police officers and firefighters.

While the definition of superheroes remains the same, they no longer remain confined to our imagination. On this Giving Tuesday, we salute the efforts of every essential worker, whose selfless spirit stands undefeated in the face of crisis.

As a vaccine to fight the pandemic might become a reality soon, all of us are duty bound to keep our guard up. This will be the best way to express gratitude and appreciate the efforts such superheroes have put in to keep a large part of population out of harm’s way.