Chilly Escapades & Foggy Roads: Here’s How To Get Your Car Winter-Ready

For some, winter ushers in a time to curl up under blankets while sipping on a hot cup of coffee. For others, it’s the most wonderful time of the year to head to a winter wonderland. But whether in the garage or out on the road, your car requires extra care as temperatures continue to dip. Besides, harsh weather conditions like foggy and misty roads can take a toll on your car, while also making driving a challenge. Nonetheless, the better prepared you are, the safer your journey will be. So, here are a few tips on how to get your car ready for any upcoming winter getaways.

Warm Up The Car

In cold weather, it’s important to warm up your car completely before putting it into drive. While modern car technologies and mechanical parts have advanced a great deal over the years, letting the car run for a few minutes will warm the engine up properly. This is especially necessary if your car hasn’t been used in a while, which is the likely case considering travel has been restricted in the last few months due to COVID-19. Engine oil can thicken in the cold climate and warming up the car will ensure the oil reaches every part of the engine and lubricate it thoroughly. This can reduce the engine’s wear and tear.

Preventive Maintenance

Just as you revamp your wardrobe and skincare routine during winters, your car too needs extra preparation to brave the chilly weather. Getting your car thoroughly checked at an authorised service centre is important, especially if you are unable to perform the checks mentioned above yourself. Having a technician inspect your car can provide a more in-depth check and remove problems you may not be aware of, such as:

  • Parts like worn hoses or fraying wires can be effectively taken care
  • Early signs of battery damage, faulty operation of electrical systems, starting trouble and flickering lights, which can sometimes be caused by loose terminals or connections. So, it’s best to consult a professional. If your car battery’s charge is low or close to depletion, there is a good chance of it dying off during the winter. Checking the battery and replacing it if needed can prevent any unfortunate events.
  • Wiper blades must be in good condition and swipe the windshield properly. There should also be enough washer fluid to keep the windshield clear.
  • The cold weather may cause car doors to jam or squeak and creak when opening and closing them. To avoid this, make sure to lubricate door joints properly.
  • Check the engine oil and coolant levels and ensure that the brakes are in optimum working condition. This is an important step to avoid any unpleasant surprises when taking a winter trip.
  • For lights to traverse foggy roads and guide you home, make sure that your car’s lighting system is in the best shape, and that the flashers, hazard lights and turn signals function properly.

Important Self-Checks & Care

  • Rough terrain and chilly weather can be harsh on car tyres. And tyre pressure tends to decrease in cold weather, making it essential to keep a check on it, especially before setting out on long drives.
  • Check for cracks on the windshield. This will ensure a clear view and a safe journey.
  • While it may seem like an obvious tip, make sure the parking sensors and cameras work without any hiccups, as it can increase safety when driving in foggy weather. Make time to clean the sensors, particularly if you are travelling in regions where it snows.
  • Cleaning the mirrors when temperatures are low can be difficult; so, ensure you have the necessary paraphernalia. Remember not to use hot water to de-ice the glass as the differential temperature could cause the glass to crack. Instead, use lukewarm water to remove ice.

Enhanced Convenience With Dial-A-Ford

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There’s a whimsical note of merry to the winter season. But before you bundle up in cosy layers or plan your annual winter vacation, make sure your car is prepared to take on the cold breeze. Keep the above car care and driving tips in mind to ensure your safety at every turn. And if you ever need any help, Ford’s Roadside Assistance is available 24×7 at 1800-209-7400 or 1800-103-7400 for all kinds of emergency assistance or car breakdowns. Happy Motoring!