Planning to Buy a Pre-Owned Car? Trust The Experts

Buying a car is a big decision; one that involves financial planning and a considerable amount of research. When it comes to buying a pre-owned car, people often raise their eyebrows and seem doubtful. The reason for this is that pre-owned cars have a past, one that you are not aware of. Besides, there’s so much misinformation about their safety, performance and quality. What can be equally daunting is the process of buying a pre-owned car. You need to know about cars well enough to thoroughly inspect, evaluate a fair price and ensure all the required paperwork is in order.

One-Stop-Shop For Pre-Owned Cars

The good news, especially for first-time car buyers, is that you can rely on experts to make an ideal purchase. And with reputed motor companies joining the fray, heading to a pre-owned car dealership is a rather comforting thought. Companies like Ford Assured have simplified the process of buying and selling pre-owned cars because it guarantees transparency, quality, choice, pricing, company warranty and is among the top pre-owned car sales setups in India. It refurbishes cars at state-of-the-art workshops with well-trained and technically equipped staff, to make sure you get a pre-owned car that checks all boxes.

Why Choose Ford Assured?

Car’s Condition

When investing in a car, even a pre-owned one, you want to be certain that it is good value for money and is in optimal running condition. To guarantee this, Ford Assured’s certified engineers use a whopping 169-quality checkpoint list to approve every car that passes through the dealership. Each car part, including systems like the engine, transmission, cooling etc. are thoroughly checked. These checks not only ensure you get your money’s worth but also prevent you from having to shell out on any unforeseen repair costs soon after driving the car home.

Safety Features in The Car

There’s a common misconception that pre-owned cars may compromise on safety. Buyers are often not sure if the car was repaired to ensure it meets all safety requirements, in case it was in an accident in the past. However, Ford Assured ensures that the safety features in all pre-owned cars are in excellent working condition. Besides, since 2019, airbags and the ABS (Anti-lock braking system) were made compulsory for all cars. So, if you are buying a car that was manufactured over the past few years, it is sure to be fitted with necessary safety features.

Right Pricing

A key player in the pre-owned car business in India, Ford Assured follows a transparent method to calculate the value of cars, regardless of the brand and model. By evaluating the cost of insurance and accessories, it ensures to sell certified pre-owned cars and verify their reliability and longevity. And if your purchase just so happens to be a pre-owned Ford, you will get a double benefit of unmatched maintenance costs. A Spare Parts Study conducted by Autocar India ranked Ford cars amongst the most affordable to drive and maintain over the long haul.

To further aid car buyers, Ford Assured helps customers secure credit from partner banks too, which makes the financing part of the process easy as well.

Hassle-Free Documentation

Making sure that the car’s paperwork is legitimate is as crucial as evaluating the condition of the car. Necessary documentation includes the registration certificate (RC), car insurance papers, road tax receipt, pollution certificate, original purchase invoice. It is equally important to ascertain that there is no accident history associated with the vehicle. This is another area in which the keen eye of a Ford Assured technician comes in handy. The brand undertakes a thorough check of the car history and finance, ensuring a timely transfer of ownership and eliminating any unexpected glitches.

Complete Peace of Mind

Usually, new cars come with one to three years of warranty, and an extended warranty is an optional for which consumers pay a small fee. So, a pre-owned car that has been sold within a year or two of its purchase will still include some warranty benefits. If the owner purchased an extended warranty, as the new owner, you could benefit from that too. But if the car’s warranty has ended, as the car’s new owner, you will have no warranty to fall back on. However, if you make your purchase through Ford Assured, you will get a flexible warranty of 20,000 kms/1 year, along with two free services by Ford’s trained technicians on Ford cars and select non-Ford cars. This is a significant benefit and acts as a safety net by reducing any additional out of pocket expenses that may occur later.
Ford Assured vs Local dealers

It is possible that buying a pre-owned car from a reputed venture could cost a little more when compared to local dealers. But with trustworthy and credible ventures like Ford Assured and their expertise, transparency, convenience, you are assured of a well-performing car for the long haul.

Other benefits offered by Ford Assured:

  • 202 dealership showrooms across 155 cities
  • Certified cars by Ford experts to make sure you don’t get accidental cars
  • Thorough checking of car history and finance to prevent any possible fraud
  • Scientific pricing techniques by Ford trained evaluators to calculate the right price
  • Timely transfer of ownership documents along with financial loans

Buying a car is one of life’s significant milestones, and a lot goes into making the right decision. With an arsenal of quality checks by certified engineers, Ford Assured simplifies this process and makes you feel more confident about purchasing a set of wheels through pre-owned car ventures. It takes every step to ensure that even pre-owned cars are no less than your dream car and delivers it with trust and peace of mind. So, when there’s Ford Assured here to make your car buying journey seamless, why go anywhere else?