Car Mirror Practices That Are More Important Than You Think

Unlike the Ten Eyed Man from the Batman comics, human beings have a binocular vision; which means that we cannot see anything behind us. Unless of course, there is a mirror in front! For this reason, mirrors are one of the most important (and underrated) car parts. Car mirrors help you do more than just check your hair and make-up; they make simple actions – like reversing, overtaking or even making U-turns simple and easy. They let you look over your shoulder without hampering your view ahead. And today’s car mirrors are more than a simple piece of glass. Here are some different types of car mirrors and how to use them effectively.

Rearview & Side Mirrors: Help You Make Safe Moves

Think back to your first driving lesson, and you’ll probably remember the instructor telling you to adjust the side and rearview mirrors before even putting the key in the ignition. Together, this set of mirrors offers a view of everything behind or beside you as you drive.

Rearview Mirror: Located inside, it shows objects directly behind your car. For instance, if you are coming upon a speed breaker and there is another vehicle close behind, a quick glance in the rearview mirror can help you decide if you need to brake earlier to prevent a collision.

Side Mirrors: Wing or door-mounted mirrors give you a view of anything adjacent to the car – from other vehicles driving alongside to pavements you park beside. These mirrors should be adjusted so that you can see a minimal amount of the car’s body and the rest of the road. Side mirrors are particularly important when overtaking the vehicle in front as they let you keep one eye on the road ahead and the other on any vehicle coming up from behind. If the road is clear, you can signal and change lanes, and if it’s not, you can wait for the vehicle behind to move ahead and then make your move.

Pro-Tip: While taking a turn, always remember ‘MSM’, which stands for ‘Mirror-Signal-Manoeuvre’ – it’s a mantra you should follow for maximum safety.

Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirrors

Ford SUVs like the Ford EcoSport and Ford Endeavour come with a more advanced version of the rearview mirror – the auto-dimming mirror, which enables easy and safe driving in low light situations. Here’s how it works; sometimes, a tailgater’s high beam may reflect in your rearview mirror and obstruct your view. To avoid this, the electrochromic technology in Ford’s rearview mirror automatically darkens in response to strong headlights. This reduces glare and makes driving at night comfortable and safe. This isn’t the only time auto-dimming rearview mirrors come in handy. Even when driving through a series of tunnels or underpasses during the day, Ford’s auto-dimming electronic mirror and automatic headlamps work together to make your drive stress-free.

Mirror Position: To Make Parking Stress-Free

Without a doubt, parking (especially parallel) is one of the most challenging elements of driving to master. For some, it may come easily, while others may take longer and require more practice. A neat trick to follow is to lower the side mirrors so that you can see the wheel arch instead of what’s behind your car at the window level. This can prevent you from getting too close to another vehicle or from bumping into the curb and scratching your car when reversing. And Ford’s easy-to-use electric mirror adjustment feature lets you quickly and easily adjust both side mirrors even while driving.

While most cars today come with rear-view cameras to assist you, quick checks in the mirrors are still necessary to ensure there are no obstructions that can potentially damage your vehicle.

Once you’ve safely parked, the final step is to fold in your mirrors; this is sometimes a necessary step if your parking space is narrow or crowded as it ensures your mirrors stay safe. This, too, is made easy by Ford, which offers electrically folding mirrors; so with a touch of a button, the side-view mirrors can be opened or closed.

Using your car mirrors effectively can help prevent unnecessary accidents and ensure you are always safe. They can also boost overall driving confidence as you get a better view of things around you, enabling you to make better decisions while on the road. So, always make sure that every mirror in or on your car is clean and in good condition before you head out.