Perfect Car Date Ideas For A Cosy & Romantic Valentine’s Day

From heart-shaped chocolates to grand gestures, Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating your love and bond with your better half. Whether you compose a song, try your hand at a home-cooked meal or let customised gifts work their magic, you try to outdo yourself to make your loved one feel special. So, what’s your plan to make this year’s celebration memorable?

Since candlelight dinners and matching couple t-shirts are done to death, why not put a twist to your V-Day plans by going on a car date? Besides keeping out of crowded spots, staying in the comfort of your car is a perfect way to spend quality time with your partner in seclusion. So, we’ve listed down some ideas that can help.

Parked Car Picnic With Scenic Views

With your significant other by your side, you can go wherever the roads take you. If you have a whole day to spend together, you can drive to a place that offers a scenic view and set up a cosy picnic in your car. Fold down your car seats, lay out a fluffy blanket, and add pillows for extra comfort, open the panoramic sunroof, carry your favourite snacks and drinks – the mood is set! It’s a perfect way to enjoy quality time together as you listen to some soft tunes or even watch a movie.

Wondering where you can go for this experience? If you live in Bangalore, drive your Ford Endeavour to Turahalli forest and surround yourself with green views and the chirping of birds. You can even make a quick trip to the nearby Grover Vineyard to add a splash of activity to your day. For those in Delhi, soak in the sun at the Garden of Five Senses or Surajkund Lake. And if you’re in Mumbai, drive to Danahu beach and catch the sunset. On the east coast, a trip to Valluvar Kottam or Mahabalipuram beach – near Chennai – are ideal spots.

Visit A Drive-In Restaurant

If you and your significant other are foodies, skip the standard restaurant date and head to a drive-in restaurant instead. Swiftly catching pace in India, these joints serve grubs that you can enjoy at the spot or anywhere else your heart desires. Why would this make your V-Day special you ask? Well, for starters, you won’t have just one menu to choose from; you can have several. The appetisers, mains and dessert can all be from different cuisines of your choosing.

Start your date on a scrumptious note at the BBQ drive-in near the Bangalore airport, where deliciousness is served on the go. In Delhi, you can get your fix of desi Chinese without having to step out of your car thanks to the many food trucks around. So, indulge in a meal on the wheels for a comfy yet thrilling date night.

Head To A Drive-In Movie

Has it been a while since you enjoyed a film on the big screen with your loved one? Well, you can enjoy the thrill of the silver screen and the company of your partner without worrying about being too close to strangers. Park your car at a drive-in theatre near you – an experience that is not only unique but socially distanced too.

Dial-up the romance with cult classics such as Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, one of the many movies screened at Under the Stars in Bengaluru. At the Sunset Cinema Club in Delhi, the audio is directly streamed to your car via radio. As the big day rolls in, surprise your Valentine with movie tickets to the Sunset Drive-in cinema in Ahmedabad or the Prarthana Beach Drive-in theatre in Chennai for an unforgettable filmy experience. You can even set a more romantic mood inside your Ford EcoSport by turning on the ambient lighting; red, blue, or purple, pick the colour that best suits the evening.

Pair Long Drives With Soulful Melodies

If you don’t want to spend the day in one spot, you don’t have to. Escape for a day with your Valentine by heading out on a long drive and stop at all the places the two of you find interesting. With love songs perfectly fitting all romantic moments, a drive from Mumbai to Mulshi will add some more cherishable memories to your photo album. Jam to your playlist while driving on the Yamuna Expressway or heading to BR Hills from Bangalore. Discover new tunes or revisit old favourites on the hands-free Ford SYNC system in your Ford car, which comes with USB and Bluetooth connectivity for extra convenience. It is also Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatible to let you stream your favourite playlist, directly from your phone. So, turn up the volume and steer your way into your partner’s heart all over again.

Love has a new address this Valentine’s Day – your car. And, whether you have a Valentine or not, don’t miss out on doing something special for yourself; after all, self-love is the best kind of love. So, celebrate this Valentine’s Day because sometimes an extra dose of love is always good for you.