How To Plan Long Road Trips With Little Ones?

Kids love road trips and car journeys as much as adults do. The thought of going somewhere new, seeing new things and practically having playtime 24X7 are all exciting prospects. But unlike most adults, they lack patience and often get restless when travelling. And you can’t blame them since long drives can be exhausting. From the repeated “Are we there yet?” to attention tantrums and crankiness, managing kids on road trips is no easy task. However, with the right preparation and planning, you can ensure a comfortable and peaceful road trip for you and your tiny tots.

Here are some practical tips that can help.

Plan The Timing Well

Try and plan the journey to suit the sleeping schedule of your little ones. Don’t set out too early in the morning or late at night when they are sleepy or tired. Allow them to rest completely and get enough sleep before heading out. Kids that are wide awake and well-fed before hitting the road are often easier to manage as they are more comfortable. If they feel groggy, make sure there is enough space for them to nap and get the rest their little bodies need. Also, avoid dressing them up if you don’t plan to leave immediately. The waiting time could kill your child’s excitement and lead them to feel frustrated.

Here are a few ways to plan a fun-filled picnic with your kids.

Clear Expectations Before Leaving

Instead of just highlighting how joyful the journey or the destination will be, talk to your kids about the dos and don’ts to follow on the drive. Set behaviour expectations and negotiate their demands before setting out. If needed, set consequences for failure to behave well. A little assertion will go a long way in disciplining them. You might need a little coaxing or rewarding for toddlers. However, if you have older kids, you can also impart some important travel manners to help them develop a sense of responsibility.

Don’t Leave Your Kid Alone

Your child doesn’t understand or require ‘me time’ the way you do. Instead, most kids crave attention and usually want to be engaged and entertained. To keep them from getting bored and ill-tempered, it is advisable to sit with them in the back seat. Ensuring they have company and someone to talk to will prevent them from feeling lonely and gloomy. Besides, by having an eye on them at all times, you can avoid safety hassles that may arise when your child is left alone. For added safety and convenience when travelling with babies, make sure you install a child seat. This seats are handy when travelling alone with your child as it ensures your little one is secured throughout the drive.

Check out these tips to ensure every drive with your kids is a safe one.

Schedule Pit Stops

When travelling with toddlers and young kids, pit-stops and bathroom breaks are a must. Sitting in one position inside the car may make all passengers, especially kids, feel lethargic and tired. So, make a few pit-stops on the way. Let your kids walk about and stretch their legs but keep a constant eye on them and don’t let them wander off on their own. Try stopping at places with a scenic view or good food options to elevate your kid’s emotions, which may be off due to long hours of doing nothing. With the touchscreen navigation in your Ford car, you can easily locate interesting places for a pit-stop.

Don’t Overload On Technology

Parents often carry video games, tablets or hand over their phones to keep children engaged in the car. But this isn’t a habit you should encourage too much. Also, trips are about exploration, observation, and learning. So, limit the use of gadgets on your journey. You may also be bombarded with constant questions on travel time and distance. In such cases, find ways to distract your kids. Talk to them about the cities or towns passing by or tell them interesting stories about the destination you are heading to. You can also keep them occupied by playing sing-along tracks or other fun car games, which will keep them happy and busy on drives. Ford’s infotainment system has a wide range of music and entertainment options to cater to everyone’s preference, including your child’s.

A road trip with kids is a unique experience that every parent truly enjoys despite the hassles. But with some extra planning and flexibility, you can make the trip more enjoyable and comfortable for your little ones and yourself.