Perks Of Travelling With Your Sibling

As your best friend and partner in crime, a sibling is more than just a family member. They are aware of your weird moods and idiosyncrasies but love you nonetheless. A bond shared between siblings is nurtured with both feisty arguments and happy memories. But when it comes to travelling, how often do you plan a trip with your sibling? For many, the last time they went on a vacation with their sibling was a family trip during their childhood days.

Growing up, you tend to travel with your friends, partners or even go solo and underestimate the fun and joy of being in your sibling’s company. If you’ve travelled with your sibling, you know what we are talking about. But if you haven’t, it’s time to experience a getaway filled with togetherness and playful jibes. This Siblings Day, April 10, let’s discuss the benefits of travelling with siblings:

Getting Permissions Is A Breeze

Your parents will never say “no” to a travel plan that involves siblings. Goa, Shimla, Manipur – name the place, and your parents will agree in a heartbeat. Even they know there’s no one safer to travel with than family. What’s more, you won’t ever have to feel homesick.

Indulge In Family Gossip

Despite the fights and disagreements, if there’s one person who will always have your back, it’s your sibling. Whether you are discussing an uncle who polished off all the beer at a family function or an aunt who persistently discusses marriage, siblings are the perfect confidants with whom you can share family gossips and have a hearty laugh.

Spend Quality Time

As kids, you may have shared a room with your sibling and might have picked on each other’s fears and favourites. But now, as adults, busy with your own life, career and relationships, the intimacy between you and your sibling may have dwindled. Going on a road trip will give you the perfect opportunity to catch up and do things you both enjoy. From exchanging secrets to taking advice, a trip with your sibling will give you enough time to rekindle your bond.

Feel Safe And Secure

Your siblings may pull a prank on you, but when it’s a matter of your safety and comfort, they’ve got your back. Whether it’s answering parents’ phone calls to cover for you or getting you back into bed safely after a night out, a sibling will never abandon you. There is an unsaid connection in familial bonds that triumphs over-animated arguments and loud discussions. If you ever wished for a travel buddy who puts your safety over theirs, look no further than your sibling.

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Make Comfortable Decisions

During a vacation, you need to make certain choices with your travel companion; how to travel, how much to spend, where to stay etc. Such decisions are easier to make with your sibling than with a friend or colleague. For instance, asking a friend to split the bill on a trip can get awkward. But with siblings, money is never an issue. They understand your financial limits more than anyone else. Be as greedy as you like, make them pay the bill, or sponsor the entire trip yourself, because that’s the comfort level you have with close family members.

Learn More About Each Other

If you and your sibling live apart, going on a trip will give you the opportunity to find out what’s new in their life. Even otherwise, you’ll be surprised at how much you don’t know about them despite living under the same roof. Besides, a road trip is a great way to relive old memories and create new ones. For instance, you can jam to your favourite childhood songs with Ford SYNC – a class-leading infotainment system available on Ford EcoSport and Endeavour.

A gratifying road trip with your sibling is like carrying a piece of home with you. And despite how much you fight with each other, your love remains unshaken. So, plan a trip with your sibling and be ready for an adventure!

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