Mother’s Day: Ways To Cheer Up Your Shero

Rudyard Kipling once famously said, ‘God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.’ There cannot be a truer statement. Mothers are the epitome of sacrifice, courage, and unlimited compassion. They constantly give, expecting nothing in return.

With Mother’s Day falling on May 9, you may be wondering what you should do for your favourite person in the whole world. While you may gift her something special every Mother’s Day, this year, a grand gesture or gift may not be possible owing to the current situation. But there are still so many ways in which you can make her feel loved.

No, we aren’t going to suggest anything as trite as buying her flowers or chocolate. Instead, let us consider doing some things that truly matter.

Make time for her: There is not much our mothers desire from us. This Mother’s Day, spend time with her, talk to her, lend her an ear, and make her feel special. If you are privileged enough to live with her, make her feel like a queen by taking care of her every need, just as she used to do for you while you were growing up. If you stay in a different city or country, regularly check in on her and ensure her well-being and safety.

Help Her In Various Ways

These are unprecedented tough times, even more so for our parents. Help them navigate this pandemic by making things as easy as possible for them. They may not be tech-savvy, which means newer ways of managing day-to-day tasks could be challenging. Jump in by ordering groceries, medicines, and other essentials online for them, pay their bills, run errands, do household chores, and more.

Show Gratitude

This is not just for Mother’s Day, but something all children need to do all their lives. Your mom has always been your rock, your shield, your constant source of inspiration and strength. Now is the time to show her how much you value her and all the sacrifices she’s made for you. Show gratitude by taking care of her financially and emotionally. And remember to say ‘thank you’ for being the reason for your blessed life.

Remind Her Of Her Strengths

She is the courage in the face of all storms. But the uncertainty and depressing happenings around us may be getting to her. Try to calm her anxieties and encourage her to be positive. Be a source of happiness and hope. Moms often neglect themselves while trying to do everything for everyone. Remind her of her strength and the awesome woman that she is.

Tell Her You Love Her

Most of us go through lives assuming our loved ones know how we feel about them. The magic that three little words ‘I love you’ can have on a person cannot be explained. Take every opportunity to tell your mom how much you love and value her. Shower her with random hugs and kisses, and see her eyes light up. Feeling loved is one of the best feelings in the world, and no one deserves it as much as your mom.

Women should be celebrated all year long, not just one day. Ford wishes all the wonderful moms a very happy Mother’s Day. We appreciate all of you and thank you for everything you do so selflessly.