What is the lure of the monsoon? Why do we look forward to it so eagerly? Whatever our age – kid, teen, or adult – there’s something about the rainy season that brings a feeling of joy and celebration. From picnics in the ghats and long drives with friends in your favourite Ford; to sipping chai on the balcony and breathing in the sweet smell of rains when the first drops hit the dry earth, there are so many things about the monsoon that we adore.

As we wait for the rain gods to bless us, here are 5 things about the monsoon to look forward to:

The Sweet Scent Of Rain

We know the monsoon has arrived when the air is ripe with an earthy smell called ‘petrichor’. This sweet smell floods us with nostalgic childhood memories of rushing out to get drenched in the first rains, splashing in the water, and playing in the mud. The scent of rain is so divine that the word ‘petrichor’ is derived from the name of the fluid that is said to flow in the veins of the gods in Greek mythology.

Hot Beverages And Snacks

Pakode and chai are synonymous with the rainy season. Even the most health-conscious of us take a cheat day when the weather calls for it and indulges in fried goodness. Sitting on your balcony with your loved ones, sipping steaming tea or coffee, gorging on piping hot snacks, looking over lush green landscapes, and feeling the cool breeze caress your face – nothing beats this feeling!

Nature’s Beauty

Come Monsoons, and the country gets coloured in vibrant shades of green. The foliage gets denser, the melodious song of birds can be heard, the mountains come alive, the lakes fill, and beautiful flowers such as hibiscus, lotus, Gulmohar, and jasmine bloom. The monsoon is truly special in India as it allows you to become one with nature. It fills your heart with joy.

Rain Dances And Fun

The monsoons bring out the Madhubala, Sridevi, and Madhuri in us! As the thunderclouds approach, the rain calls everyone to leave their worries behind and dance their hearts out. It is a time when even the adults become childlike and venture out to enjoy the rain.

Drives And Treks

After the scorching heat of summer, the monsoon comes as a welcome break. As the rain pours down, the cool and breezy weather makes for a perfect time to go on a drive with your loved ones. For the adventurous, the hills come calling to explore virgin trails. Make memories while trekking with friends, have a laid-back picnic, and experience Mother Nature at her best. Needless to say, that we keep in mind the necessity of taking utmost precaution during the pandemic and follow COVID appropriate behaviour of always wearing a mask and avoiding public places.

The monsoons are also a great time to stay indoors, curl up with a book, play games, and chill with your family. The season is also perfect for cuddling under the blanket or going for long drives. Your trustworthy Ford car can be the perfect companion whether you wish to go on a date with your partner or embark on a joyride with your best buds. Features such as rain-sensing wipers, automatic climate control, superior braking, and traction control ensure your safety is well taken care of in a Ford, irrespective of the terrain you drive on.

With many parts of the country already welcoming the rains, remember to get your car ready by getting it serviced. All you have to do is Dial-a-Ford for pick-up, servicing, and drop off at your home. Before long, you will be playing your favourite songs on Ford’s SYNC system, admiring the overcast sky through your sunroof, and having a ball with your loved ones.