Today, June 20th is Father’s Day – a day to celebrate our protective, loving, and caring fathers. The bond we share with our fathers is quite special. Fathers are the ones who introduce us to the great outdoors, tools, action movies, and, quite importantly, cars. It is not uncommon for people to have had their first drives with their fathers as ‘copilot’, alternating between stern and encouraging.

The spirit of our fathers looms over our driving, flinching if we swerve too hard, grumbling if we don’t change gears on time, and raising hell every time we drift too close to another vehicle. Considering how strict fathers are when it comes to driving, they would redesign our cars if given a chance. Wondering what that would look like? Here goes:

Too Close For Comfort

The first thing a father might change in our cars is adding a screeching, hounding, hair-raising proximity alarm that goes off every time we are too close to another car. We’ve all been there, anxious fathers’ backseat-driving and shrieking come alive every time we come any closer than four feet of another car. Sometimes, it feels like a dent in the car’s bodywork is a father’s greatest nightmare.

Cocooned In Air

Their family’s safety is understandably paramount for any father. Combined with the almost permanently held notion that the child will make a judgment error while driving, this creates a heightened sense of caution among them. If your dad were to redesign your car, he would fill the cabin with airbags, ready to pop out from all directions in case of a collision to cocoon you in a protective cushion of air. If your car is a Ford, he will be saved a lot of trouble as Ford cars come equipped with side, front, knee, and curtain airbags.

Slow Down, Tiger!

When driving with your father, you might have felt his gaze stuck on the speedometer with such obstinacy that you couldn’t imagine him thinking of anything else, ever. A father’s voice intoning “too fast, slow down!” is embedded in the mind of anyone who drove under a patriarchal tutelage. You just know your dad would strap a speed limiter onto your car in a heartbeat. But you also know he means well because, in the wrong hands, speed is indeed very dangerous. If you drive a Ford, that worry is also sorted given Ford MyKey® a technology that provides an extra element of safety allowing you to set speed warnings, activate a seat belt reminder, limit the car’s top speed as well as audio volume.

Mission Successful

A father’s need to protect his children is also a powerful force. At Ford, we understand this protective instinct, which is why we equip our cars with safety features like MyKey and offer services like Dial-a-Ford, Emergency, and Roadside Assistance to make sure nobody is ever left stranded. This Father’s Day, let your dad know that when on the road, you will always put safety first.

It’s understandable, of course – we all care for the safety of our loved ones, and who can be more concerned the most than one’s father? So, in the spirit of Father’s Day, don’t forget to call your old man when you reach wherever you’re going; peace of mind is perhaps the greatest gift you can give him.