How A Car Steers The Special Bond Between You and Your Daughter

The bond between a girl and her parents is one of the strongest in the world. A parent is a girl’s first hero, her teacher, her friend, her cheerleader, her protector, and her confidante. Every moment you spend with her is special – whether it involves chilling at home, walking in the park, or driving her around in your car.

Your car has played a key role in creating that special bond with your daughter and strengthening it at every stage of her life – from the time you buckled her into her baby car seat to the time you taught her how to drive. This Daughter’s Day, September 26th, let’s look at how your car has been an inseparable part of your journey.


The precious moments you spent with your daughter in the car dropping and picking her from school really brought you closer. You would listen to music together, you would help her study for a quiz, she would tell you about her day in school, you would secretly stop for ice cream before heading home – and on the days when she was a little down, you would give her some life advice.


There were times she wanted to play basketball, be a ballerina, sing, or roller-skate. You encouraged her interests and drove her to all the classes. You motivated your daughter, celebrated her triumphs, consoled, and supported her on the setbacks, and built her confidence. Your Ford car was instrumental in her growing up days as it helped ferry all her belongings in its roomy boot.


A large part of parenting is just chauffeuring your kids around. From birthday parties, sleepovers, get-togethers, and then dates – you’ve taken them everywhere in your spacious Ford. You listened to her interact with her friends, you got in on all the gossip, you embarrassed her in front of her friends with your jokes, and you even intimidated her dates! In all of this, your car has played a significant role in being an able enabler and creating those special memories that will last a lifetime.


Those long drives were really something, weren’t they? As your daughter grew older, travelling with her in your car helped you understand what was really going on in her life and get more involved. It helped you swap stories and bond with her. As you grooved to music together played on your Ford SYNC®, you learnt about each other’s music tastes. You fought over what music to play in the car, convinced her to listen to some of your favourite classics, and grudgingly gave in to her choices of modern trendy music.


Allowing your daughter to take care of your car is another way of building her confidence and supporting her in growing into a responsible person. Guiding her how to get your car’s regular check-ups, servicing, checking the tyre pressure and much more. And if you drive a Ford, all she needs to do is Dial-A-Ford (home pick-up and drop car servicing facility) to set up a check-up and service for the vehicle to ensure it is in the best possible state – easy, simple and absolutely convenient.


The day every parent looks forward to – handing their daughter independence. When the time came, you taught her how to drive safely. You imparted advice and helped her become a good driver. At that time, you only trusted your Ford car to safeguard her life. Ford’s safety features such as Six Air-Bags, Superior Braking, Hill-Launch Assist, Ford MyKey® and Traction Control & ESP ensured she was protected at all times and you had complete peace of mind when she was on the road.

And if your princess turns out to become one of the auto enthusiasts who loves to drive, Ford’s #SheDrives will have her covered! The women exclusive drive programme by Ford is among the first of its kind. The programme introduces participants to the thrill of going all out on a custom-built track under the supervision of an expert driver/guide. The participants are taken through some of the key pro-driving techniques by the expert to well-acquaint them before getting behind the wheels.

Your car undoubtedly played a pivotal role as you built a beautiful relationship with your daughter and guided her through every defining life moment. Daughter’s Day is the perfect time to take a trip down memory lane. How about further strengthening your bond by taking her on a long drive in your Ford car, reminiscing about the good old days, and secretly stopping for some ice cream?