Why Do People Read Books While Travelling?

Books transport you to magical places – whether it’s Coorg, the tiny hill station in Southern Karnataka in the lap of Western Ghats (famously known as the ‘Scotland of India’), the Valley of Flowers – nestled in the Nanda Devi Biosphere in Uttarakhand or the mesmerising fjords of Norway or the calming beaches of Thailand. Books afford you an escape from the mundane, soothe your soul, and enrich your life. When you travel with books, they are like the icing on the cake. They elevate your experience, comfort you, and offer relaxation like nothing else can.

Given you might be one of the bona fide bookworm, here are a few reasons we are sure you will agree why one should always pack a book or two when travelling:

Books Can Be Your Best Friends

A book can be your most trustworthy companion, especially when you are travelling solo. Whether you are waiting at the airport, stopping at a scenic spot during your road trip, or just having lunch at a café, a book can keep you company at all times. Not only can reading help to pass the time in the most amazing way while travelling, but it can also significantly decrease your screen time, as well as make your mind sharper – which brings us to the next point.

They Expand Your Knowledge

If you are visiting a new country, the best way to learn about its people, culture, food, and history is to pick up a book about the place. Imagine driving through Vietnam or Cambodia or even exploring our own country India with a Lonely Planet guidebook dedicated to these countries. You can read about the exemplary places of India where the war of Independence took place or the history of magnificent monuments. Books can enhance your travel experience and make every moment worth it.

You Will Find Time To Read

How many of us collect books thinking we will get round to reading them someday? I’m sure we are all guilty. Travelling is the best time to go through one’s reading bucket list. You will find plenty of opportunities to sneak a few pages of reading now and then, so you can finish books you never seemed to have time for in your daily hectic life.

Books Can Be Awesome Conversation Starters

Never judge a book by its cover, true, but you can identify like-minded people by the books they read! If you are looking to meet new people, books are the best way to start a conversation without coming on too strong. If you spot someone reading your favourite author, you can always tell them which of their books you love. Or if you see someone with a book in their hands, you can ask them for suggestions on what to read. And if you are a car enthusiast who happens to come across someone reading a book on automobiles, its only natural for a conversation to start on the subject!

Take for example, the book – India Through the Eyes of The Ford Mustang – which is a coffee table book that brings together the best moments from the first pan-India drive undertaken by the iconic #FordMustang. If you missed following this iconic Journey, #FollowTheMustang click here: Ford Mustang|Grand India Tour|Ford India. The Coffee-Table book was launched at the World’s Largest Literary Festival in Jaipur and gave people a chance to relive the memory, all over again!

So, next time when you are out and about and run into someone with a book in their hand that interests you, remember ‘books are great to break the ice and make friends over common interests’. You might just end up having a brilliant exchange of knowledge on several subjects!

Reading Can Effectively Relieve Stress And Inspire

Travelling allows you to get away from your routine life and reset. Reading on your travels can help you forget your worries, de-stress, and calm your mind. Not only is reading very effective to maintain your mental health, but it can also open up your mind and inspire you to aim higher. Next time you set off, consider picking up an autobiography of the likes of Henry Ford’s My Life and Work, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam’s Wings of Fire or Michelle Obama’s Becoming.

It’s A Great Way To Avoid Unsolicited Conversations ?

If you are not up to socialising, you can always bury your head in a book to avoid people and unwanted conversations. Books are a legitimate reason to ignore people without offending them. Books can help you get lost in a different world while shutting out the surroundings. If that’s not a win-win, we don’t know what is!

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Like once said, great things never come from being in your comfort zone. So, drive out and stop worrying about any obstacle. Pick a weekend, plan a road trip, and remember to pack a couple (or a couple of dozen) books along. Trust us, they will make your trip so much more fulfilling.

So Happy Travelling!