Six Tips To Travel More Responsibly And Make Your Road Trip Sustainable

Love escaping to the mountains? Or does the beach draw you in?

Today, it is not enough to be just an avid traveler; you also need to be a conscious traveler. Taking a road trip can be a great way to travel, but it can also take a toll on the environment. It is important to think about how can one be environmentally sensitive and preserve the natural beauty that gives us so much joy. So, while planning your next road trip, consider these simple steps to ensure you travel responsibly and make your trip sustainable wherever you can.

Hone Your Driving Style

Eliminate sudden braking by looking ahead and anticipating changes in traffic flow. Hard braking causes brake dust (the dark-coloured residue that accumulates on the car’s wheels), which is one of the major contributors to traffic pollution. It is also unsafe for you, as well as other cars and pedestrians around you. Additionally, try not to accelerate unnecessarily as it burns a lot more fuel and harms the environment. It even contributes to noise pollution and wears down the car engine. For smooth acceleration, press the gas pedal with the ball of your right foot while the heel remains on the floor. Stay relaxed and calm behind the wheel so you can enjoy your road trip.

Ford’s cruise control can help you maintain a steady speed on long drives so that you are comfortable and do not subconsciously rush things. It can also enable you to decrease your fuel consumption, optimise acceleration, and maximise mileage, thereby decreasing the impact on the environment.

Minimise Plastic Usage

Plastic is the biggest enemy of our environment today. Try to avoid plastic as much as you can while on your road trip. This essentially means no plastic snack covers, straws, soft drink bottles, and water bottles. Instead, carry your water in water coolers and glass bottles. Take with you steel glasses, straws, and cutlery. More importantly, pick up your trash and ensure you dispose it responsibly in trash cans and recycle bins.

Find The Most Efficient Route

Pic Courtesy: Kaustav Kumar Sinha

Take the help of navigation tools to reach your destination quicker and avoid wastage of fuel. Your safety is of utmost importance when on the road. It is prudent to use hands-free tools while finding your route. Ford’s touchscreen and voice control navigation system, SYNC® Support, is specially built, keeping this in mind. It can help you find your way anywhere while also searching for points of interest along the way to make your trip more memorable.

Travel Light

A vehicle’s carbon footprint is intimately linked to its load. Do not carry your whole world with you. A heavy car harms the environment as it needs more energy to move. This also means more fuel consumption. Additionally, a road trip is meant to be just you being one with nature. Avoid clutter by carrying too many things. There is a certain freedom in travelling light. You can go wherever the road takes you without stressing about your things, it leaves room to bring back treasures, and you take care of Mother Nature in the process.

Eat Local

If you are committed to being sustainable on your road trip, eating local foods is one of the best initiatives. Local food is more sustainable as it travels less, which means minimal carbon emissions. It also means that the food is seasonal and hence more nutritious. Additionally, eating locally contributes to rural development and supports the farmers.

Get Your Car Checked

Before hitting the road, get your car ready for the trip. Ensure your ride is in top shape, so you are not stranded somewhere because of car troubles. It is important also to get a Pollution Under Control (PUC) check done to ensure your car’s emission levels are Bharat Stage VI compliant. Car maintenance/care is necessary throughout the year, but even more so before a trip. A basic maintenance check will do the job. You can get this done for your Ford car with just a phone call. You can Dial-A-Ford at 1800-419-3000 from the comfort of your home and get your car serviced. Experts at Ford will pick up the car, service and sanitise it, and drop it back. This will ensure that your vehicle is perfect and ready for your adventure.

While your Ford makes for a great travel mate, you need to do your bit to conserve the environment for generations to come. Show your spirit as a responsible traveler and incorporate sustainability practices wherever you drive your Ford.

Happy road tripping!