Important Things To Check After Getting Your Car Serviced

At Ford, we make every effort to ensure that your car feels like new after a service i.e., the engine runs smoother, all the little niggles disappear. While our dealerships work to address all your concerns and feedback, here are some things that you can also check to feel assured of our commitment.

This starts with:

A Vehicle Report Card

It’s a standard practice to prepare a vehicle report card, regardless of the workshop where you give your car for service. ​The report card indicates the condition of your car and the work to be done on it during the service. While giving your car for service you must point out all the issues that need to be attended to. It will help the service advisor to ensure the same. Hence, it is always a good idea to have this piece of document in place. As a Ford owner, you’d already be aware of this process across Ford authorised service centres.

An Itemised Bill To Match With Service Price Promise

Your final service bill should have the price of all the products installed or used in the service of your Ford. We have designed the system to keep things transparent for you with Service Price Promise (SPP), so that you are aware of the exact materials that have gone into making your Ford as good as new again. With initiatives like the Service Price Promise, we continue to champion transparency, letting the customers know the service and parts cost even before walking into the dealership.

Its Always Wise To Check For Your Personal Belongings

Even though absolute professional standards of operation are practised across workshops of established brands, it is essential to check for your personal belongings that you might have kept in the car. This applies to local workshops as well. Chances are that your stuff will be in the same place you kept them.

Before & After Service Checks

When giving your Ford for servicing at the workshop, we advise you to do the following as a practice:

Observe Fuel Level: As a mark of quality work, some service advisors usually note the fuel level on the vehicle report card to ensure that it’s not being misused. However, sometimes technicians need to run the engine when they check and service components such as the air-conditioning or climate control, engine oil, etc. But this does not consume a significant amount of fuel, so always check the fuel level before and after the servicing of your car

Note The Change In Engine Oil Colour: Engine oil is not only designed to lubricate the engine, but it also plays a role in cleaning up emissions. That is why it gets darker almost immediately after being used. If your engine oil has been replaced, it will be a clean, light colour that is many shades lighter than the colour of the oil before the service. Pop the hood, use the dipstick and check the engine oil before and after service to ensure your engine oil has been replaced. If you’re unsure of how to do this, don’t worry – the Ford India YouTube channel has you covered. Head to the channel where you can find a video dedicated to Oil and liquids – your #HowTo guide to check oil levels in your Ford car!

Check The Air Filter And Tyre Condition: Few other important things on your checklist should be your tyres and the air filter.

  • Air Filter: Your service advisor will tell you before the service if your air filter can be merely cleaned or if it needs to be replaced. Either way, you can check the filter before and after the service to ensure the work stated has been done. Your air filter is a critical component – a clogged air filter will lead to increased fuel consumption and a drop in performance, so the extra time and effort taken to check it will be well worth it.
  • Tyre: Your tyres are equally important – they are your only contact with the road, so they need to be in good shape to perform optimally. Check their condition before the service and ask the service advisor for an opinion as well, since our trained technicians may be able to spot things you might not. If necessary, the tyres can be rotated/replaced. Additionally, Ford’s Tyre Wellness video is your guide on how to keep your tyres in good condition for longer.

What also comes handy for Ford owners is the FordPass™ app which allows them to keep tabs on their cars. The app sends alerts on oil health and other vehicle parameters, monitors and displays the car’s tyre pressures, gives digital access to the owner’s manual, and informs about your vehicle’s service history as well as the availability and cost of genuine Ford parts.

A Test Drive With The Service Advisor

Sure, you took a test drive before booking your Ford, but a test drive before and after a service is equally important. Take the service advisor along to demonstrate any problems that might surface, such as a rattle or squeak that wasn’t there before, or if the car pulls to one side either under acceleration or braking. After the service, a test drive with the advisor helps in understanding if the problems discussed have been resolved.

If at any point during the process you feel that a warranty claim needs to be made, you can discuss it with the service advisor. Delivering quality service is one of the foremost critical promises that we, at Ford, make to our customers. Which is why we have the attractive Extended Warranty package that can be purchased before your new Ford warranty expires. The Extended Warranty covers all mechanical and electrical failures, as well as labour for the repairs. It is transferable to new owners as well, meaning your car’s resale value will be enhanced. If your original warranty has lapsed, we’ve got you covered as well – you can still subscribe to our Anytime Warranty and get warranty coverage for one year or 20,000 km, whichever is earlier.

We, at Ford, take immense pride in the quality of the service we provide. Committed to our customer’s comfort and convenience, we recently introduced the Dial-A-Ford initiative which allows customers to schedule a Doorstep Service for their Ford vehicle.

We understand our owners will settle for nothing less than a Ford, which is why we believe that they deserve the best possible service in return.

Happy motoring!