Here Are Some Tips For A Safe Holi With Your Favourite Ford

It’s that time of the year when everyone is gearing up for the most awaited festival filled with colours, joy and fun – Holi!

Being just around the corner, the preparations must have certainly begun beforehand. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic still existing, it is advisable to be careful while you enjoy the festivities.

Covering our family and friends in lots of colours is what the Holi spirit is all about. However, it is not just us who get drenched in water and colours, but also our precious belongings including our vehicles. Throwing colours and water balloons on vehicles is very common during the festival and the left behind colour stains on your favourite Ford can be difficult to remove. As a result, the day full of celebrations may turn into a stressful one figuring out how to remove those colour traces out of your car. Instead, take some precautions ahead of Holi to safeguard your car.

Check out a few tips and tricks to protect your car from colour stains:


Picture Courtesy – Sudhir Koilada

Make sure that you keep your car windows rolled-up during Holi or even a day before and after the festival. This will prevent any colour powder or coloured water-filled balloons from entering the car and staining it thereafter.

But just in case you miss doing so and should the interiors and seats of your Ford get spoiled, do not worry, a Ford Dealership closest to you will take care.


Picture Courtesy: D Kakes

In case you plan to venture out on Holi or carry your colours and sweets in the car, make sure you cover the upholstery. Pull out those large plastic bags, rolls of newspaper and cling wrap from the kitchen and line your seats to avoid any colour stains from either the packs kept on the seats or residue from your clothes. Applying a layer of oil or perhaps wax over the dashboard and other surfaces would also help as cleaning up later would be an easy task.


Coat It! – A coat of wax will do wonders for your car as it not just makes it extra shiny – it also acts as a protective coating. The wax polish or the Teflon coat essentially prevents stains on the car paint. Before you apply the wax or polish on your car ensure to wash it thoroughly to get the maximum benefit.

A Good Wash – Well let’s say that despite taking the utmost precautions to protect your car during Holi, it still ends up looking like an abstract painting – then a good wash might just save the day for you.

There’s a trick here. The first and foremost thing to do is to not let the car sit soaking in colour for too long — it will get stained. Wash it immediately with water and a suitable car shampoo – but ensure to not use any detergent or harsh soaps as it can damage the car paint. Despite washing properly, if the colour stains persist, it will be a good idea to take professional help. And if you drive a Ford, you know exactly what to do. Just Dial-A-Ford and your car’s washing and cleaning will be taken care of!

However, in case if you are someone who prefers staying indoors and not going out then here’s the best thing you can do:


Of all the known practices to protect the vehicles on Holi, covering them with a waterproof cover or parking them in a safe enclosed place, like inside the house (if you have the space) are the most obvious choices of them all. Investing in a good cover or parking in a safe spot will save your car from getting all stained from the colours.


During Holi it is totally possible that vehicles will get covered and stained with colours. And it surely becomes troublesome to get your vehicle cleaned up. But if you drive a Ford, don’t worry we will have you covered.

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Cars often need a little extra attention and care during Holi. So, follow the above tips to ensure you have a trouble-free experience and get your favourite Ford spic and span with the benefit of budget-friendly service!

Have a safe and happy Holi!