Things You Should Not Procrastinate Doing As A Car Owner

There is a procrastinator inside all of us – a little voice telling us that it’s okay to delay the task at hand just a little bit more until weeks pass by and the to-do list beats Rapunzel’s hair in length!

Procrastination is somewhat a natural process, but it doesn’t make the task go away. In fact, the delay only ends up piling up tasks. Our lives would be simpler and much more efficient if we just did what we had to do when it was supposed to be done.

People procrastinate in all aspects of life – household chores, work schedules, bill payments, car stuff, etc. That last one really gets our goat, so we have put together a list of a few tasks that we should essentially stop procrastinating, especially when it comes to the following car-centric stuff:


Car owners often procrastinate on getting their car washed. The reasons are many: lack of time, “It’s only a little bit of dust”, or just plain laziness. But getting your car washed regularly, both the inside and outside, is a habit one should develop. Washing your car keeps the exterior clean and ensures that dust and muck, over time, don’t eat away the paint insidiously keeping that rusting away. Accumulated muck can also interfere with sensors, the functioning of power windows and power-adjustable outside rearview mirrors, and other gadgetry.

The inside of the car also gets dirty. Drivers and passengers frequently bring dust and debris in from outside, all of which are deposited on and under the floor mats. Nooks and crannies in the cabin collect dust, and this environment becomes a breeding ground for microbes and odours. A regular wash will keep your car clean and hygienic, and most importantly, make you feel like a million bucks every time you drive.

All Ford Authorised Service Centers offer washing and cleaning at affordable costs. Do ask for it when you take your Ford for service next time around.


Many owners drag their legs when it’s time to send their cars for a service. Often, when the scheduled service rolls around, owners wave it away, justifying it with a “But my car seems to be running just fine!” Most car owners find the whole experience a hassle – dropping the vehicle off at the service centre, perhaps waiting in line, spending a day or more without their car, going to pick it up again, and facing a potentially hefty bill. But servicing your car as per the recommended schedule is of utmost importance. Cars suffer wear and tear because of both operation and time. To ensure that your car runs well, sustainably, for a long time, sticking to your service schedule is key.

To make car servicing easy for you, we offer a home pickup and drop facility with our Dial-A-Ford. Just call 1800-419-3000 and schedule a service appointment to get your Ford car serviced from the comfort of your home.

What’s more, if you would like to know the cost of each service, head to our dedicated page of Service Price Promise on the Ford India website where you get the estimate of the service for your exact model based on its age or the kilometres run. Might we also add that we keep our word – what you see on our website is what you will be charged at the service centre. We remain #CommittedToServe you, whether it is ensuring your accessibility to service or our promise of transparency.

Keeping in mind the comfort and convenience of our customers and elevating their ownership experience, Ford India keeps undertaking several service-related camps like the recently concluded Ford Summer Service Camp.


Car insurance is not only a great way to shield you, as the owner, from liability in case of a mishap, but also a mandatory legal requirement. Motor insurance expires periodically and must be renewed in time. It is highly inadvisable, not to mention illegal, to drive your car on public roads without valid insurance. Be cognizant of your insurance policy expiry date (set a reminder if necessary), and don’t procrastinate. With online payment tools, all it takes is a few taps on your smartphone screen.

If you are a Ford owner, you can purchase the Ford Protect extended warranty. It can provide coverage for damage to your Ford car’s engine, gearbox and other electricals.


Your car is an agglomeration of hundreds – nay, thousands – of moving parts. With time and use, many of these parts wear out or break. Your car works best when its many parts work properly. If you identify any worn-out or broken part, get it replaced immediately. If you own a Ford, you can simply Dial-A-Ford to schedule a repair job. All Ford service and repair centres exclusively use genuine Ford parts. Not only are these parts competitively priced, but they also come with Ford’s quality assurance.


Everyone’s car usage patterns are different, which means everyone expects something slightly different from their cars. As a car owner, you may want to change your car’s bumper, or as an audiophile, upgrade its audio system. Maybe you want plusher seats, a robust car cover, pull-up window blinds, or heavy-duty floor mats. Accessories can protect your car and increase its comfort quotient. If your driving pattern calls for some bells and whistles, there is no time like the present to fit them in.

If you drive a Ford, you can purchase high-quality accessories exclusively designed for your car. Our wide catalogue includes alloy wheels, automatic headlamps, rearview camera, roof crossbars, neck rest and pillows, ambient lighting and much more. You can find all the details on our Ford Motorcraft® page on the Ford India website.

Ford owners can enjoy a range of services and perks that make procrastination redundant – with Dial-A-Ford, the FordPass™ app, and genuine Ford parts, you barely need to lift a finger to ensure the highest level of care for your car. What procrastination?