Ford Questions Myths and Breaks Stereotypes with Its New Campaign

“For the great enemy of truth is very often not the lie but the myth.” Picking the essence of what John Kennedy once said, our latest campaign ‘Misdirection’ is an attempt to break the myth-conceptions/ stereotypes around Ford’s Cost of Service.

The genesis of the campaign finds its roots in research that shows how consumers tend to believe others blindly and follow perceptions without knowing the truth. For the campaign, we have created a ‘disruptive’ hook to our communication for people to take notice and relied on well-known on-screen ‘villains’ – Singham fame Prakash Raj, Bad Man Gulshan Grover, and cheap screen vamp Sudha Chandran. All these reel-life antagonists, through the campaign, highlight how they get stereotyped as negative in real-life due to their evil appearances in cinema/ television.

The narrative further builds to show how some sections of consumers continue to believe in hearsay. Just like, new consumers coming to Ford after using competition products can’t believe that one needs to pay as little INR 3,662* for the 5th year Service cost for Ford EcoSport.

The same set of customers is also amazed to know that Ford is the only brand that empowers them to know the cost of their service with the help of an online calculator on our website.

The TVCs establishes the fact that Ford cars are Surprisingly affordable with hard hitting facts like the

The Cost of Service campaign draws strength from a Spare Parts Price Study by India leading automobile magazine, Autocar India. According to the independent survey, Ford has been rated among the most affordable against a formidable set of competitors.

We have been continuing on a Growth 2.0 strategy, focused on product led innovation, delivering differentiated customer experience and busting the myth of Cost of Ownership.

We are happy that Ford’s promise of delivering trust and transparency to customers is finding great resonance.

Today we have 800+ Sub Assembly Levels of Parts where we have broken big assemblies into sub-component, enabling substantial savings for customers. This was needed to be conveyed to people who believe that maintaining a Ford is expensive. With other initiatives like Service Cost Calculator and Parts Pricing on Ford India website, Clear explanation of service invoice along with the retail distribution of parts, we have ensured transparency at every step.

The new campaign is an initiative to give everyone a holistic view of owning and maintaining a Ford car and burst myths.


Maximum Service Cost for 5th Year or 50,000. Visit Ford Service Price Calculator for more.