Happy Memories We All Have With Our Cars

A car means different things to different people. For some, may be just a medium to reach a destination. For some, it may symbolise independence – the ability to finally start funding dreams, or it could mean freedom – the ability to hop-in and head anywhere one chooses to. But, the one thing that is common to us all is that the moment we bring our car home, we start creating memories with it.

We asked some customers about the happiest moments with their cars; here’s what they said:


My First Solo Roadtrip

“I bought my first car, the Ford EcoSport, when I was 27 years old and I think the happiest memory of it has to be the time I took a solo trip to Shimla. The windows were rolled down, and the hills looked spectacular as my favourite song played in the background. It was a five say trip but the memories are for lifetime!”


When I Popped The Question

“I proposed to my husband in our car. We were driving to a resort on the outskirts of the city when we came across this beautiful hill. As it was raining, we decided to stop for a cup of hot tea. The moment felt perfect to propose, so I did! Till date, it’s my favourite memory with our car.


Picking Up My Kids After School

“My favourite memory of my car is picking my kids up from school. They’re 17 and 15 now, but I still insist on picking them up whenever I can because it gives us an opportunity to spend some time together. They tell me about things that have happened, and sometimes we turn up the music and have a mini sing-song session. It’s great.”


Watching My Daughter Pretend To Drive

“By the time she was 7, my daughter was bored of playing with her toys and liked playing with real objects. Sometimes, I would take her to the car and let her fiddle with the steering wheel, and she would pretend to drive. Of course, I always ensured the car was turned off. I loved watching her, and I secretly hope she joins some kind of racing club when she’s older.”


Driving My Baby Boy Home

“The happiest memory I have with my car was bringing my new-born baby boy home. It was barely a 3 km drive, but I was trying to be so careful that it felt like I was driving for hours. Surprisingly, he didn’t cry even once on the ride home. In fact, I like to imagine he was quite happy!”

So, there you have it. Cars hold a special place in our lives because they’re there for some of the most important moments. Bring home your car today and start creating memories!!



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