What Kind of Friend Are You?

If you took a stroll down memory lane, you would realise that some of your best days always involved friends. The very mention of the word ‘friends’ brings to mind hilarious incidents, episodes of things-gone-wrong-just-to-end-perfectly, and countless moments of absolute bliss.

To celebrate Friendship Day, here’s a look at every type of friend we should have in our lives.

The Organiser a.k.a. DJ on Wheels

Whether it’s the study schedule for an upcoming exam or an elaborate road trip; this is the person who takes care of every small detail. Phone charger, every type of connecting cable, first-aid kit, snacks, tissues, maps… they have it all neatly packed. This friend is basically your Hermione Granger! And as much as you may pull their leg for this attribute, you will eventually end up singing along to their perfectly curated playlist when they connect it to your Ford EcoSport’s SYNC3.

The Restless Passenger

There’s never a dull moment when you’re together, thanks to the antics that seem to flow out of this one. You are so used to the drama and trouble they create that once glance is enough to tell you that something exciting is coming your way! You often think that the facepalm emoji was explicitly developed for anyone who knows this friend. But you know that road trips would be dull without this restless passenger around.

The Cabbie

Calling shotgun when this friend is in the driver’s seat isn’t for the weak-hearted. From steering through tight lanes and navigating off-road tracks to racing past signals and perfectly parking in the smallest spaces, this daredevil friend spends half his day behind the steering wheel. Every drive with this person is always an exciting one. Such is the love for driving that this take you around whenever and wherever you want. Isn’t that a good thing? It definitely is.

The Geek

This one is in love with cars. This friend of yours knows every little details about every car you talk about. He knows about cars that you haven’t even heard of and he keeps going on about cars and because of him, you know the little you know about cars!

The Selfie Star

This friend needs no introduction! You might blame this friend if a five-hour journey took eight instead. But had it not been for this person’s frequent stops, selfies from trips wouldn’t have got even half the likes on social media. They’re the ones who get those near-perfect pictures, posing next to our Ford Endeavour parked at scenic locations. These are also the friends who ensure every candid moment is captured so that we have memories for life.

The Human GPS

Count on this person to know about every single person to every single place in town. If you ever lose your way, this friend will be your saviour.

The Midnight Drive Buddy!

“Dude, the weather is awesome. Let’s go for a drive.” The one would love to go for a drive at the drop of the hat and drag you along. When you want to go for a drive, all you have to do is just tell this friend and in no time, you will be on your wheels.
These are just some of the kinds of friends we have. There are also those who always have food in their bags or the ones who can entertain us at the drop of a hat. So, this Friendship Day, celebrate your closest friends and their quirks. After all, life would be empty without them.

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