Let travel be Your Tutor – This Teachers’ Day!

“Not all classrooms have four walls.” -Unknown

A real-life experience, at a lesser known place, makes you wise in the school of life. The experiences we gather while travelling makes for wealth greater than any other.

From planning wisely to soaking in the many sights and sounds, travel teaches us lessons that stay with us through our lives. The experiences you gather while travelling linger on and continue guiding you for life. Here are a few ways that prove that travelling teaches us the best lessons in life.

Decision Making

Choices are abundant, however, taking a smart decision from the available choices is what travel teaches you.

Even while you have it planned, there are always little choices you have to make, to experience the best of all. Similar is life, where you come across unexpected situations and need take quick decisions.

Travelling equips and makes you confident about those little choices or decisions in life. Whether travelling or in life, trust your gut and it might just take you to your destination.



Travel introduces you to new people, diverse cultures, unheard languages, different lifestyles and new norms & practices. These experiences help you become a lot more aware of your surroundings and appreciate little things that matter.

Awareness also helps you build a perspective and know more about yourself, about your likes and dislikes, and more importantly what you want in life.

The feeling of being strikes when you start travelling and that is the moment when you find peace within yourself and get a better view of yourself and the world.



While exploring new places and meeting new people, you come across trends and traditions that are deep-rooted in the history of a place. It’s inspiring to observe & understand different cultures. They teach us valuable lessons to change our lives and adopt new practices because there’s never a harm to learn a good thing and travel gives you ample chances to do that. Drive through the roads lesser known on your Ford EcoSport and dwell into this unique experience that only travel can offer. For some inspiration for a quick getaway, read here.


Creative Thinking

Travelling experiences fuel creativity in you. It is indeed the best way to boost your cognitive flexibility and thinking abilities to bring a meaningful change in life. Added to this, seeing the world for yourself helps in improving perspective and a grip on reality. It brings new shades to your imagination, which you can bring back to your life and use them while you paint the book of your life.


Bonding over Travel

The best part about travelling is that it refreshes you to the core and gives you time to embrace every relationship in your life. Be it while you travel with your friends, family or complete strangers, the bonds formed are the best and the purest. So, buckle up in your Ford Freestyle with your loved ones and go out on an expedition to rediscover that connection.

Travel is a great way that helps unleash the inner pioneer in you and brings out the better version of you. So, let travel be your teacher!