Need a digital detox? Head to these places now!

From emails to socializing, staying up to date with latest news or even running errands like buying grocery, we are a part of a digital revolution where indispensable pocket-sized gadgets dominate every aspect of our life.

These nifty little smart devices are our new guilty pleasures with Indians spending three-hours* on average using them every day. There’s no denying smart devices make our lives simpler & more efficient but it’s also equally important to disconnect and take some time out for yourself.

We bring you a list of quaint, picturesque destinations that will force you to lift your head up and forget about that buzzing gadget in your pocket. So read on and plan your digital detox holiday today.

Feel the Majestic Mountains at Goat Village, Uttarakhand

The Goat village, a small town that sits atop a hill in Kanatal region of Uttarakhand, has remained untouched by a flurry of tourists. This quite village is miles away from the madness of cities and offers pristine views endless green valleys that are sure to overwhelm your senses.

A poor mobile network will aid your quest to immerse in nature’s bountiful offerings here. Drive up uphill in your Ford Freestyle to catch views of unpolluted night sky and a string of peaks visible up close from an altitude of 7,700-feet.

The Picturesque Hills of Changlang, Arunachal Pradesh

Nestled in Arunachal Pradesh, the Changlang district is replete with diverse flora and fauna. A calming vacation awaits you if you choose Changlang as your digital detox spot. Go for long walks and spot a rare mountain bird or beautiful wild flowers.

Experience evenings on the banks of Dehing river or watch the dark night sky giving way to blissful dawn at the ancient cemetery or simply sit by the valley and catch sunlight brushing hill tops.

Take your Ford EcoSport and make the most of your digital detox with a long-drive to this pristine town.

Waterfalls at Agumbe, Karnataka

Witness majestic waterfalls and soothing sunsets in Agumbe, a high-altitude village in the Western Ghats of Karnataka. The village is known for its glorious sunsets, set amidst the green rainforest cover.

A perfect vacation spot that will make you forget your gadgets. Drive in your Ford Endeavour and enjoy the smooth roads painted on a green coloured canvas and fall in love with the waterfalls at Agumbe.

Watch the sunset at Radha Nagar Beach, Andamans

Travel to this amazing island to relax at one of Asia’s best beach and fall in love with the sea all over again.

The beach is blissfully disconnected and offers sporadic mobile signals. Walk along the endless beach and soak in the harmony created by waves gushing to touch the shore. Music and campfire or just after the sunset will make for a perfect setting to spend quality time with your loved ones.

Pace Through the Day at Dhanana Village, Rajasthan

A camel ride in the middle of the desert and the soothing sound of the Rajasthani music is what makes for a peaceful stay at this gem of a village near Jaisalmer that has managed to stay off the commercial tourism grid.

With a handful of people calling this village a home, you can experience a peaceful stay far from the city rush for a perfect weekend trip to unwind. Head to this amazing place in your Ford Ecosport.

So, switch off your screens, and let your work desk rest for a while. Drive your Ford to experience the finest road trips and make memories for a lifetime.

* Data as per Nielsen India’s insight titled “What Handsets Say about Consumers”