The Story of How Ford Became The Most Affordable Brand to Own

If you are thinking of buying a new car and a Ford is on your list, chances are a naysayer has already reached you to share a vile rumour about Ford’s expensive cost of maintenance. The odds of you dropping a Ford from your purchase list based on such rumours are also very high.

However, if you have heard the words of famous writer Edgar Allan Poe — “Believe nothing you hear and only one half that you see” – you would not go by hearsay before you have got a chance to check facts, cause nothing about Ford service can be farther from the truth.

See the video below to see how popular actor Vijay Raaz, essaying the role of Sharma Ji, quashes gossip about Ford’s expensive cost of maintenance in the company’s latest campaign:

Ford has been working extremely hard to ensure that its cars deliver more than what customers expect in terms of performance, and safety but costs less when it comes to cost of maintenance.

This is what a well-known motoring editor, who is also an EcoSport customer, had to say about his Ford Experience

Not only an attractive purchase price, but when you buy a Ford, you can also be assured of savings throughout its life cycle with the car’s outstanding fuel economy, coupled with low maintenance cost, longer service intervals, inexpensive genuine spares and unmatched warranty products.

Read on to see how Ford managed to beat the industry leaders:

Feels Like Family

Over the past few years, Ford has been working very hard to deliver a differentiated experience to its customers by treating them like family. The company has been constantly innovating to delight customers and has redesigned its sales and service network to facilitate interactions. These small things matter and have helped Ford catapult from bottom five to top five in JD Power Sales Satisfaction Ratings.

Longer Service Intervals / Easy on the Pocket

The annual cost of getting your premium, true blue SUV Ford Endeavour is less than what you spend on going out to the movies with your family. Unbelievable right? Did you know that it just costs Rs. 1,302 for your Ford EcoSport’s first-year scheduled service, due at 10,000-kilometer?

Making in India

Ford has worked very hard to ensure that the cost of periodic maintenance of its cars is at least 20% to 30% lower than their nearest competitor. The company has been able to do that by steadily increasing localization, or in simple terms, reduce imported parts in its cars.

Affordable Genuine Parts

If your Ford requires a part replacement, then rest assured it won’t blow a hole in your pocket. Through its continuous innovation, the company has broken a complex auto part into several small sub-components to ensure any damage or fault doesn’t require you to change the entire component. Currently, Ford offers more than 800 sub-assembly parts, ensuring substantial savings for customers.

Ford’s genuine spare parts were recently rated as the most affordable across model lines by India’s most-read automotive magazine, Autocar. You can read the complete Autocar Spare Parts Survey here.

Also see here what some influential automotive journalists had to say about Ford’s affordable genuine parts and sub-assembly level of repairs.

Absolute Transparency for Complete Peace of Mind

Ford claims to be committed to winning a customer’s trust with complete transparency. To ensure customers don’t get any hidden costs or surprises when they send their Ford car for scheduled maintenance. Ford ensures complete transparency through a first-of-its-kind, innovative tool on its website called – Ford Service Price Promise.

This tool enables customers to check the exact price of their Ford vehicle’s periodic maintenance, including all taxes and labour, with complete transparency. Ford dealers across the country honour this commitment.

Ford has even got you covered even when a your vehicle requires some repairs or part replacement. The service price promise website also transparently features a detailed list of Ford genuine parts and their price to ensure complete peace of mind.

Drive Carefree for Longer Intervals

Not just complete peace of mind with transparent and inexpensive service or parts, your Ford would require 50% fewer services than their nearest peers. Ford makes durable and quality products that need to be serviced once a year or every 10,000 KM, whichever is earlier. That is twice as long as most other cars in India which require servicing every 5,000 KM or six-months.

What’s more, Ford Aspire and Ford Figo were the first cars in their segment to offer 100,000 km or five-year standard warranty so that you can drive hassle-free.

A Ford Store is Always Accessible

No matter where you are, you are never too far from a Ford sales or service outlet. The company’s network includes 541 sales and service outlets in 292 cities across the country. Not to miss, independent parts distributors across the country, giving customers access to Ford Genuine Spare Parts at 3,500 touchpoints and 2,000 independent repair shops.

Unflinching Attentiveness

Being available to customer needs is pivotal to delivering a differentiated ownership experience. That’s why Ford has made it easier for customers to reach the company through any of their preferred means. Here’s how customers can reach Ford 24X7:
Social Media: Ford is just a tweet away, quite literally. The company’s first-level of response to any query is just 15-minutes. Not just turnaround time, the resolution through social media channels is also amongst the highest amongst peers
Road Side Assistance: Ford’s 24×7 Roadside Assistance is a true blessing! It assures complete support to customers in case of any car mishaps or vehicle breakdown. Whether it’s your home or a highway, Ford will send expert technicians to assist you. And if the problem is grave, a recovery vehicle will be sent to assist you to the nearest Ford dealer.
Customer Care Centers: Ford customer care personnel are well equipped with details on various aspects of Ford cars and their services. You can reach out to them 24×7, and they will extend their support and expertise to resolve any issue you are facing.

Your relationship with your car is strengthened when you can trust your car manufacturer to be prompt in extending a helping hand. And that’s exactly what Ford strives for; to ensure its customers always enjoy a comfortable experience with every service the brand offers.

We all need someone to fall back on, and if you are a part of the Ford family, the company has you covered.

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