Five Ways to Celebrate Mother Earth Day During Lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic may have altered our lives in many ways, but you cannot deny the one major positive change it has brought about – a greener environment. While you have been #ParkedForSafety at home, it has paved the way for blue skies, cleaner air, and animals and birds have taken the opportunity to come out of their curtailed habitats. And with April 22nd celebrated as Earth Day, you can make this lockdown period more fruitful by adopting some interesting sustainable activities.

Pot Easy-to-Grow Plants from Scraps

Did you know that some vegetable scraps can be used to grow new plants right at home? If you have scraps of vegetables or herbs, such as potato, onions, or mint, plant them in a pot and place the pots in your balcony or veranda. Along with helping cut down your carbon footprint, homegrown plants offer easy access to herbs or plants that you can use for cooking. Additionally, they give your home a green and lively appearance.

Start a Compost Pile

Another useful purpose of vegetable scraps and leftovers is building a compost pile. Composting is a biological method where natural microorganisms break down organic wastes. It is a sustainable alternative for diverting organic waste from landfills that end up emitting methane, a greenhouse gas. Start by collecting leftover vegetable scraps in a large vessel or bucket and place it outside your home. If you live in a society, we suggest creating a compost pile where others can discard waste as well. The pit, in a few days, will become a source for natural manure to nurture your home or building garden.

Repurpose Old Jars and Containers

Inspired by the DIY videos you’ve been watching on social media? The lockdown is a great time to get crafty and keep boredom at bay. A little paint job can turn boring old cans and containers into pen stands or makeup holders. Or turn old glass bottles into fancy home decor with fairy lights or by growing certain plants in them.

Besides repurposing old containers, did you know that waste segregation goes a long way in saving the environment? Ford Motor Company, for instance, recycles plastic bottles for some of its vehicle parts, such as underbody shields for cars, trucks and SUVs. So, the next time you dispose of waste, make a conscious effort to throw it into the right bin.

Become More Animal-Friendly

If you’ve always had a soft spot for your friendly neighbourhood fur babies, there’s no better time than now to show your love for them. Small acts of kindness, such as feeding stray dogs and cats in your area or putting out a bowl of water for them in the summer, can go a long way to help them through current times. Or, if your home is frequently visited by birds, put out some bird feed and some water for them as well.

Unplug and Unwind

Instead of staying glued to electronic devices during the lockdown, look for alternative ways to unwind. Try meditation, and don’t depend on a mobile app for it! Sit with your eyes closed and focus on nothing other than your breathing. Doing this every day for a few minutes will clear your mind and help you breathe more freely. In the larger scheme of things, you will help reduce the electricity generated by power plants that burn coal, crude oil and other fossil fuels; thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Environment conscious organisations are making several efforts to preserve mother Earth. For example, Ford Motor Company has been engaged in various sustainable initiatives. For over a decade now, Ford has been using soybean-based foam in car seat cushions, seat backs and headrests. The company has also collaborated with McDonald’s to covert coffee chaff (dried skin of the coffee bean) into car parts. While these are promising solutions, some of them are at initial stages on a global level, and there is much more to be explored.

So, this Mother Earth Day, pledge to not limit your sympathies for the environment for just a few days. Instead, try to make environmental consciousness a part of your lifestyle. And let the positive changes you make during the lockdown stay with your forever.