Decoding The Role of A Ford As Your Best Friend. You Might Not Have Noticed It Like This Before

“Friendship isn’t a big thing, it’s a million little things.”

Whether it the first promotion of your career or your third breakup for the year, no news is complete until you share it with your best friend. From being your source of unconditional support in trying times to laughing the loudest at your blunders and teasing you at every opportunity, friends make life less serious. Simply put, they add to your happiness, reduce your sadness, double your joy and divide your pain; they’re the equation to making life more enjoyable. To commemorate this special bond between friends, the first Sunday of August is celebrated as Friendship Day.

Friends come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes they may not necessarily be another human. Your best bud could be your dog or even your car. Just like your BFF, your Ford car cares for your well-being and safety. So, this Friendship Day, pause to acknowledge the many ways that your Ford car performs its duty as a trustworthy friend on every journey you take.

Always Hears You Out

Even at 2 in the morning, your bestie will listen to you rant and rave about whatever’s on your mind. And much like that friend, your Ford EcoSport will hear you out, whatever your need.

Equipped with the SYNC 3 System, you can use simple voice commands to make calls, play your favourite music and even regulate the cabin temperature. Besides, to make sure that your eyes never leave the road, SYNC 3 will also read out your text messages through the car’s speakers, and you can choose a reply from a list of responses. “Your wish is my command”, is something even your best friend might never say to you, but your Ford car definitely will.

Not just voice commands, you won’t even have to say a word for your Ford to hear you. With its in-built FordPass connectivity, which is standard across all Ford cars and variants, you can use your phone to perform a variety of functions – such as switching on or off your Ford, or locking and unlocking it. By taking connectivity to the next level, Ford ensures your convenience and safety, just like a reliable friend.

Guides You Along the Way

No matter which part of life’s journey you are on, a good friend will always be there to make sure you never stray from the correct path. And that’s precisely the kind of friend your Ford Freestyle is; its embedded, voice-guided navigation with live traffic information ensures you never miss a turn or head down a wrong path. It can even help you locate restaurants, ATMs, fuel pumps and other locations while on the go. It can take on the role of an ideal travel companion and ensure you always have a smooth journey, even when you are travelling alone.

Protects You at All Times

Real friends are those who pick you out of sticky situations and save you from any harm. Be it a family, medical or even a financial emergency, you know you can always reach out to your close friends for support. That’s another role your Ford car can execute to a tee, keeping you protected from all dangers. Apart from being built tough, all Ford cars offer all safety essentials like airbags (the more, the better), Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD) among others.

Ford was among the first carmakers in India to make dual airbags standard across its product range. Today, Ford cars are not just built tough but offer several best-in-segment safety features, such as up to seven airbags for all around protection; standard ABS and EBD; traction control & use of other superior material that reduce other safety hazards. Before you make your decision, don’t forget to know more about Ford’s safety focus here.

Beside safety equipment, Ford service teams are prompt to help you in sudden mechanical breakdowns as well

Roadside Assistance – When your car is immobilised either at home or on the road following an accident or an electrical failure, Ford Service Roadside Assistance will send its Rapid Response Team to sort out the situation. Depending on the damage, they will either repair your car on the spot or take it to the nearest authorised Ford dealer for recovery.

Emergency Assistance – In the unlikely incident of an accident, Ford’s Emergency Assistance automatically calls the emergency service operator through your paired phone. The call will share your location so that help is rendered to you immediately.

Just as you can reach out to your close friends at any time of the day or night when things are going rough, Ford’s Emergency and Roadside Assistance is available 24/7 to always keep you safe.

Looking Out for You

From helping you meet assignment deadlines, remembering your food allergies when ordering to tracking your live location as you travel home late at night, your bestie always looks out for you. In the same way, your Ford car is always looking out for you, your convenience and comfort with some of its features. Here’s how:

  • Automatic headlamps: While driving in your Ford, the car performs little tasks, like automatically turning on the headlamps as the light outside dims and gets dark. This helps reduce your effort behind the wheel.
  • Rain-sensing wipers: Be it a slight drizzle or a sudden downpour, the rain-sensing wipers in your Ford car get to work automatically, and ensure you have a clearer view of the road ahead without you having to worry.
  • Auto-dimming mirror: Always ready to go an extra mile to help you out, all Ford cars are packed with advanced technology features that make driving safer and more comfortable. For instance, the auto-dimming mirror darkens automatically the moment bright and sharp headlights fall on it. This way, it reduces glare and prevents tailgaters from blinding you.

Through these features, your Ford car performs the role of a responsible friend to safeguard from dangers on the road.

Life without your friends would mean no inside jokes, no one to listen to your dreams and fantasies, no one to share your obsessiveness with, no one to console you when you’re going through a rough patch or boost your spirit on a gloomy day. Similarly, life without the constant companionship of your Ford would mean no fun adventures as you #DiscoverMore about life. So, this year as you wish you buddies’ A happy Friendship Day’, take a moment to acknowledge your four-wheeler companion sitting in your parking lot.