Safety Rules To Follow While Making Pit Stops On Long Road Trips

Besides enjoying the scenic views of changing landscapes and grooving to your travel playlist on long journeys and road trips, one of the highlights for many travellers is making multiple pitstops. Whether to stretch your body, get some fresh air, soak in a picturesque sight or grab a quick bite, no road trip is complete without pitstops. And while taking a break from the drive, there are certain things you should remember, apart from pulling over at a safe patch, to ensure your safety and that of your fellow travellers.

Always Remove The Keys From Your Car

Even if you park your car in sight, don’t step out without taking the car keys with you. Since you’re not familiar with the place you’re stopping at, it’s not wise to leave the keys inside and risk getting locked out on the roadside. And if there are other people at the spot, leaving your keys with unlocked doors can be dangerous.

If your Ford car has the Push-Button Start, you don’t have to worry about keys. With a Ford Key Fob in your bag or pocket, simply pull the front handles to unlock your car. Individually programmed for your car, it works within a 90 cm radius from the vehicle. To resume your journey, hop back in, press the brake pedal and push the Start/Power button.

Lock The Doors & Windows

Whether you are halting for two minutes or 10, don’t forget to roll up the windows or lock your car while getting out. And if you’re travelling with pets or kids, don’t leave them unattended in the car for too long. Another important thing to remember when making a slightly long pitstop is to keep valuable belongings like your wallet, phone, camera and other items out of sight. Place them in the glove box or under the seat so that they stay safe from spying eyes.

Always Park On The Side

If you’re stopping to admire the view from the side of the road or take a bunch of pictures, remember to park off the road. The last thing you want when you are relaxing is dealing with constant honking or disgruntled motorists who are stuck behind your car. Whether or not the road is busy, always park on the sides so that you don’t block the way and cause inconvenience to fellow travelers.

Tripping in an SUV means extra space and comfort, but the fear of parking in tight spots may force you to skip a pit stop or two. Well, not if you’re cruising in your Ford Endeavour whose Semi-Auto Parallel Park Assist feature makes parallel parking easy and quick. At the press of a button, the car takes control of the steering and gives you commands to manage the gears, accelerator and brake. Furthermore, with the rear-view camera, you can reverse with confidence and a clear vision, while the rear parking sensors cautions you of any obstacles.

Always Use The Handbrake

When a car is parked, and the handbrake is not used, it exerts pressure on the parking pawl and other driving components, which may lead to eventual damage. So, regardless of the surface, you’re parking on, remember to pull the handbrake up to ensure safety. The handbrake further safeguards your car if it is hit while parked, as it can reduce the chances of your car rolling.

Covid-19 Precautions

While vaccines are on the way to being administered, it is essential to not let your guard down for even a minute. It can be easy to get carried away when travel calls. But when embarking on a road trip in the current times, always put in that extra effort to ensure your safety.

  • Don’t stop at places that are crowded. Even if there are few people around, maintain adequate distance.
  • Wear a mask, carry a sanitiser when you step out of the car, and always pack a few extras.
  • Also, carry essentials such as wet wipes and disinfectant sprays. These can come in handy when leaving your car to go to a restroom.
  • Pack your own food and beverages from home to maintain good hygiene. If you do need to buy anything on the way, make sure it is sealed or bought from a clean place.

Ford technology further adds to your safety and convenience on road trips with the Ford Pass mobile app. It enables you to always stay connected with your car, wherever you are. You can perform a number of functions remotely, like start/stop, lock/unlock, locate your vehicle and more. FordPass is free to use and extremely beneficial for all Ford owners, irrespective of when was the car bought. And, Ford’s infotainment system not only makes navigation easier but also highlights landmarks and points of interest along your route.

So, the next time you hit the roads in your trusted Ford, follow the above dos and don’ts while taking pitstops and prioritise your safety at every step.