Planning To Sell Your Car? Here’s Why You Should Head To Ford Assured

Parting with your car is never easy; after all, your trustworthy car is more than just the sum of all its parts. Of course, the heartbreak can be softened when you have something to look forward to; like a new, more advanced car to make memories with. Automakers are introducing newer models or upgrading their existing cars with latest technology or fresh styling at a faster rate than ever before.

In the past year, beside upgrading its entire vehicle lineup to new emission norms and offering advanced connectivity solution FordPass as a standard fitment, Ford introduced two brand new variants to the Ford Freestyle and Ford Endeavour lineup.

So, if you’re looking to upgrade to a new car, the next question is, how do you go about selling your current car?

Trust The Experts

For almost a decade, Ford’s pre-owned car vertical – Ford Assured – has been providing customers with peace of mind by assisting them in both buying and selling pre-owned cars – regardless of the make or model. Listed among the top pre-owned car ventures, Ford Assured guarantees transparency, attentiveness and convenience, and is one of few organised and trustworthy players in the pre-owned car market.

Here’s how Ford Assured can help you sell your car with minimal effort and maximum benefits.

Car Evaluation By Experts

Making sure you get a good price for your car is a prime concern for most sellers. Well, Ford Assured puts these worries to rest by adopting a combination of different measures. A 169-point quality check is conducted on pre-owned by trained technicians through an online evaluation application. In addition to this, a scientific pricing technique, using an online auction platform, is followed to calculate the correct market price for your car. With a systematic evaluation & auction platform plan in place, you can be assured of getting a fair price for your car; one that is in accordance with current market rates.

Usually, aftermarket additions, such as accessories or non-factory fittings, would not add value to your vehicle’s selling price. However, Ford Assured’s honest method of calculating the price of pre-owned cars takes into consideration the value of accessories and insurance. This saves you the struggle of removing non-factory fittings such as lighting, audio, and other performance parts and selling them separately.

Guidance Through Paperwork

If it is the first time you are selling your car, then the process can be rather overwhelming. With a long list of documents to sort and legal work to clear, as a first-timer, you might require help.

Ford Assured assists you at every step of this process. A thorough check of your car’s past is undertaken to prevent any possible bureaucratic mishaps. Ford Assured ensures that all documents – registration, insurance, and PUC (Pollution Under Control) certificate – are valid and in proper condition. These documents are proof of your car ownership; without them, your car’s value will plummet.

Note: If you have lost your car registration, acquire a duplicate of the original from the RTO before beginning the process of selling your car. If your car is hypothecated to a bank, you will require an NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the bank to apply for a duplicate registration.

A fully insured car claims a higher resale value in comparison to one that has basic insurance or an insurance policy that is nearing expiry.

Easy Transfer of Ownership

Ford Assured understands the importance of timely transfer of ownership documents to the buyer because you are still liable for damages if the car is registered in your name. Right from getting an NOC to having the transfer papers in place from the RTO, Ford Assured guides you through all the formalities to make the transfer easy. Remember that most NOCs from banks and RTOs have limited validity, usually of up to 90 days. So, it is important to get the transfer done as soon as possible. By putting your trust in Ford Assured, you can expect a fair and smooth transfer to avoid any unforeseen hassles for yourself and the new owner.

A Destination With Multiple Choices

At Ford Assured, you have the option to do more than just sell your pre-owned car. You can sell your car and buy a pre-owned car that’s as good as new, no matter what the make and model is. You can also exchange your pre-owned car for a brand-new Ford. With all options covered, Ford Assured adds to your convenience in every way possible.

Apart from offering cars in various segments and to suit different budgets, Ford cars are known for their powerful performance. But there is also another area in which Ford cars excel. According to the Maintenance Cost Study by AutoCar India, car – Ford Figo, Ford EcoSport and Ford Endeavour have the lowest servicing cost in their respective segment. This means that these Ford cars are amongst the most economical to own and drive. You can download the complete survey here.

Assured Wherever You Go

With over 200 dealership showrooms in across 150 cities across the country, locating a Ford Assured dealership near to you won’t be a trouble. Also, Ford is offering a special loyalty bonus for existing Ford owners to get maximum value by allowing them to exchange their old car and drive home a brand-new Ford. So, if you think it’s time to upgrade your wheels, all you need to do is Dial-A-Ford (1800-419-3000) and schedule a home test drive today.