Women’s Day: Honouring The Driving Force In Our Lives

She’s not only a nurturing mother, a loving partner, a supportive friend, and an affectionate sister, but also the perfect boss, a dedicated employee, a motivated athlete, a brave soldier, and a charismatic leader. She is everything she wants to be; she is a woman.

A woman is synonymous with a hero; besides being a multi-tasking marvel, she plays a key role in shaping lives and, by extension, the world. Her contributions extend beyond her family to reach society as she inspires and empowers those around her with strength and kindness. And just as the game of Chess suggests, no one is more powerful than the queen. So, as the world celebrates International Women’s Day on March 8th, to honour the achievements of women and spread awareness on their rights and gender equality, let us acknowledge the different ways in which women make our lives better.

A Protective Arm Around Your Shoulder

Whether you need a shoulder to cry on or help to solve a problem, the woman in your life will always be there by your side. You might think the world is against you, or your efforts are pointless, but her constant warmth and reassurance will keep you from giving up; that’s her magic. True as steel, a woman holds the fort tall and strong for everyone she takes under her wings. From mastering the art of work-life balance to managing her loved ones’ needs, a woman works tirelessly and selflessly.

She will go to any lengths to keep her loved ones safe and comfortable. Her strength and support are much like the protection your Ford EcoSport offers. Sure it comes packed with several visible safety features, such as dual front, side, and curtain airbags. But there are other features that you cannot see but are present 24X7 – such as Traction Control, Electronic Stability Program, Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) with Electronic Brake Force Distribution – that work overtime to keep you safe.

Partner For Life

Of the many hats that a woman wears, one of the most demanding is perhaps being a supportive partner. Yet, she does it with ease and unwavering dedication. As a mother, she always shows her child the brighter side of life; her support and encouragement unwavering. As a wife or lover, she unweariedly stands beside you like a rock through highs and lows, ready to bask in your great joys and stand beside you in your deepest sorrows. As a friend, she can make you smile on your dullest day and offer words to lift your spirits. And as a daughter, she embraces your every imperfection and loves with abandonment.

Perfect Travel Companion

Be it a month-long road trip across states, a spontaneous trek through dense forests, a glamping experience in the desert, or even a simple city photo walk, she is always up for it. Her excitement, energy, sense of humour, and on-the-go ideas often make every travel getaway fun and memorable. Not one to forget the small stuff, she makes sure you’re well prepared for every journey so that you can make the most of it.

Just like her, your trusted Ford Endeavour is ready for all kinds of adventures and always game to hit the off-beat track. With its Terrain Management System, this SUV can tackle any terrain you decide to traverse – snow, sand, and rocks – all with just the turn of a dial.

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Yoda In Your Life

Most women often take on the role of ‘Yoda’ in your life, by channeling the force of a mentor. When you feel lost, she guides you to the things that are important. When you lose sight of life’s bigger picture, she’s there to lead you back on track. She both lifts you up with her resolute confidence and pride and keeps you grounded. And when life throws obstacles in your way, she’s always ready to help you move forward with the right words and selfless deeds.

Just like a woman helps you navigate life’s unpredictable and bumpy roads, Ford’s SYNC Support Touchscreen Navigation helps keep you on the right course wherever you go. And when you need a helping hand, you can always rely on Ford’s 24X7 Roadside Assistance to offer the assistance you need.

Where There’s A Woman, There’s A Way

Each woman is unique, but they are all compassionate, strong, and loving. From being your biggest cheerleader to your harshest critic, women constantly strive to make themselves and the people around them better in every possible way. And while they deserve to be cherished every day, some days call for extra recognition. So, this Women’s Day, we at Ford salute women for the many roles they play and for being the driving force behind so many of us every day.