Reminiscing Fond Family Travel Memories

There was a time not so long ago when we could head out whenever the travel bug bit us. And summer holidays were a time to go on vacations, engage in outdoor activities, meet relatives, and create lasting memories.

My family loves road trips, and as the holidays rolled in, we would bundle up the kids and take off from Maharashtra to Goa, Karnataka or Gujarat. Not surprisingly, the kids inherited our love for travel. However, this year, with the COVID-19 restrictions, the responsible thing to do is stay indoors. But with May 15 being International Family Day, why not reminiscence about all our amazing experiences over the past many years? You may not be able to travel, but you can surely sit with your family and take a trip down memory lane.

Planning The Trip Was Half The Fun

As much as my family enjoyed going on trips, we also loved the planning that went into it. Kids, especially teenagers, have opinions on where to stay, sights to see, and restaurants to hit, and actively participated in the research. Together, families spend hours online reading about the destination, looking at breath-taking photos, and making elaborate plans. This used to be super fun, and everybody will get together to ensure that something to keep everyone engaged throughout the trip was included.

Waking Up Early With Excitement

When you travel as family, most of us have the habit of starting early to account for many pitstops enroute to the destination. The kids are usually the most excited, waking up really early – even before the alarm went off! An early start would include loading up your beloved Ford car together. Given India’s diversity, no two trips were alike. It is equally fun to make sure the kids are present in the moment and kept their gadgets aside most of the time. Admiring nature at its best – mountains, waterfalls, forests and the sea – with my kids are some of my fondest memories.

When Reading Was A Thing

If you were one of those families that loves to visit historical sites, temples, museums, etc., all trips would have been about experiencing the culture of the state you traveled to. Children on such trips get so enthused that they would read up about the places they were about to visit. They would proactively acquire nuggets of information and share fun facts on the road trip. Alas, if they only were so keen on reading their school books!

A Time To Reveal Secrets

Something wonderful that would happen on these road trips was the time you got to truly bond as a family. Free from the hassles of work, school, running the household, and other obligations, families spent numerous travel hours getting to know what was happening in the lives of the kids. Teenagers would never share everything, but these trips helped lower their inhibitions. Suffice to say that quite a few secrets have been unveiled – some innocent, some not so innocent!

Indulging In Some Fun Games

No trip was without games! From board games such as Monopoly to card games such as Uno to unending rounds of Dumb Charades and Antakshari, vacations used to be a blast. This summer vacation, we are taking the time to play these games in the safety of our home and keep the fun going.

Impromptu Stops And Picnics

One thing everyone loved about road trips was that there was no compulsion to stick to a stringent schedule. You could change your itinerary on a whim, take spontaneous breaks, and have picnics at beautiful locales. Your trustworthy Ford could easily navigate rough terrain and take us to unexplored places. Its excellent mileage ensured that we got to our destination without having to worry about running out of fuel despite our detours. From sleeping bags, food, water, clothes, and more, its spacious boot is more than enough to accommodate the needs of every family member.

While the situation is currently tough, I’m hopeful that things will change for the better soon. Let’s wait for it to be safe to travel again so the family can hit the road again! Until then, we can relive past travel through photographs, videos and, of course, family conversations.