Happy Best Friends Day To You And Your Ford!

Today, June 8, is Best Friends Day – a day to celebrate your closest, most reliable friends.

For many, the best friendship is a sacred bond, a feeling, a phenomenon. While we all discover friendship in people, there is also a special friend that stays parked just for us – in a Ford car. Often, the bond a Ford owner shares with their favourite blue oval, runs deep, with the vehicle moving beyond a utilitarian mode of transportation to be more meaningful and special.

The Beginning: Friendship Strikes

Picture courtesy: @nomadic_tales

Best friendships usually start intuitively: sometimes, you talk to a person, and you just know there’s something there. And then, over time, with shared experiences, that bond deepens, and the relationship matures. We’ve seen this happen with cars like the Ford EcoSport and Ford Endeavour; people are drawn in by the cars’ striking design, enticed by the evident go-anywhere ability. And once they are in, their bond with the car deepens and matures. With every drive, their friendship with the car grows stronger.

Early Days: Shared Experiences

Picture courtesy: @te_dream_walker

Friends become best friends based on shared experiences. As you go through life together, experiencing the curveballs, the achievements, the disappointments, and weathering the highs and the lows, you build a rich history that binds you together. It’s no different with a car. With every mile driven, you create new memories with your car. Together, you’ve been through glacial traffic jams, pouring rain, blistering heat, gaping potholes, and literal ups and downs on hills. Your car’s been with you through every bump in the road, metaphorically and literally.

Golden Years: Time Together

Picture courtesy: @bakshipranav

Best friends spend a lot of time together, and this is all the more applicable for your car. You’ve been together through all those long commutes and road trips. If you’re a frequent driver, you’ve probably spent a large part of your life in your car. At Ford, we understand this. Ford drivers will be able to attest to the fact that their cars are purpose-built to spend a lot of time within. For instance, the SYNC infotainment system with built-in navigation makes long drives convenient, entertaining even. Like a bona fide best friend, your Ford will never let you get bored.

The Legacy: There When You Need It

Picture courtesy: @wanderlust__doctor

The hallmark of the best friendship is the support system it provides. A best friend is there for you by your side, through it all. They are there when you’re laughing, crying, celebrating, regretting, or loving. A best friend never leaves you stranded. Your car is no exception to this rule. It’s there for you no matter how you’re feeling – when you’re overjoyed, nervous, frustrated, or tired, it’s ferried you around. And if your car is a Ford, services like Ford Pass and Dial-a-Ford make sure that it never leaves you stranded, no matter where you are.

Pop culture is full of stories that document the special bonds between people and their cars. That special bond is inevitable; we spend so much time in our cars, relying on them to move us around safely. We experience a range of emotions while nestled in the safety of our cars – frustration at the traffic, nervousness before a date, trepidation when driving to the hospital, excitement on the first day of a new job.

Our lives are closely intertwined with those of our cars. At Ford, we understand this bond; we feel it ourselves. As your best friend, your Ford will stay by your side. Always!