What Does Your Driving Style Say About You?

You can tell a lot about a person from their driving style. Are they adventurous or cautious? Fun or serious? Every driver is different in much the same way every person is unique. As such, different drivers are best suited to different cars. Luckily, Ford offers a range of cars that’s as diverse as there are drivers – there’s something for everyone!

The Perfectionist

The perfectionist driver is not necessarily boring or straight-jacketed; they approach driving with precision. For them, every action has an equal and opposite reaction and must be executed with utmost care. The perfectionist never stalls the car, never rides the clutch, never redlines the engine, is never in the wrong gear, always indicates before changing lanes, and uses parking lights appropriately. They always park perfectly, with the car parallel to the kerb. The perfectionist’s car is clean – spotlessly so – and always smells fresh. Their service history will be immaculate and the car scratchless. The perfectionist is an experienced driver and pairs well with mature cars like the Ford Aspire or Ford Endeavour – cars that are sensible, powerful, and pragmatic, but never boring. Such cars understand what their perfectionist driver demands of them and are poised to deliver.

The Free Spirit

The free-spirited driver is fun and cool. Not to be mistaken for a rash driver, the fun and cool driver prioritises flexibility over all else. They refuse to be constrained – not by the environment, not by their car, not by other people. They will go where they want to go and do what they want to do. They are conscious of their actions and care about their impact on others. What they don’t care about is the opinion other people have of the said actions. The free-spirited driver wants a free-spirited car that is not constrained by the terrain or the weather. A car that is as much at home in the city as it is in the wild. The Ford Freestyle complements the free-spirited driver perfectly: fun, cool, and impossible to pin down, it’s built for adventure. Compact enough for downtown streets but also rugged enough for a jaunt in the wild, the Ford Freestyle enables the free spirit of its driver, encouraging them to go where their heart takes them.

The No-Nonsense Driver

Cautious, the no-nonsense driver approaches driving with a guarded attitude. The no-nonsense driver prefers driving with an extra dose of caution. They maintain generous amounts of space between themselves and the cars around them and generally dislike the parking dance (too much intimacy with others cars). The no-nonsense driver pairs best with a no-nonsense car – a car that is compact, pragmatic, and easy, such as the Ford Figo. It is compact enough to navigate most road conditions while being armed to the teeth with safety gear that can reassure the no-nonsense driver.

The Cool Kid

The cool kid driver is a bit like the free-spirited driver, with an extra dash of panache. Adventurous, the cool kid knows they are cool and aren’t afraid to flaunt it. And boy, do they enjoy driving! They like fast corners, effortless cruising, and the ability to go anywhere, all while being cocooned in a nest of comfort and technology. The cool kid needs a cool car like the Ford EcoSport. They want to be seen, to turn heads, much like the Ford EcoSport. They are not flashy but conspicuous nevertheless. The Ford EcoSport complements them because while it doesn’t shout for attention, you would be hard-pressed to miss it. It’s fast, comfortable, tech-laden – and most of all, simply cool!

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