Why Put Travel Plans On Hold When You Can Go On A Workcation?

With remote work being the new normal, any excuse to put travel plans on hold citing leave concerns is now moot. If you could work from anywhere, wouldn’t you rather do so in a shack by the beach, the sea breeze rustling your hair while you reply to emails, or breathe crisp, cool mountain air as you use the Himalayas as a natural background for your Zoom meetings? The restrictions imposed by the concept of the traditional office have been dismantled, so pack your bags, load your car, and drive to wherever you have always wished to be, while taking all the necessary safety measures!

To make the most of this unique opportunity, keep these handy tips in mind:

Make Your Availability Known To All

With remote work, it is very important to draw clear boundaries about your working and non-working hours and days. With the ubiquity of communication tools, you might often feel like you are on-call for work 24×7. This problem is compounded in a remote work setting; since a physical office isn’t available to set the boundaries for work-related interaction, your co-workers or supervisors might forget that you have a personal life too. If you are taking a workcation, clarify your working hours and days you are available, and politely but firmly enforce adherence to them. The stunning setting of your workcation won’t be very cathartic if you are constantly reading work emails or attending video meetings.

Avoid All Work And No Play

You want to absolutely make sure that you don’t land yourself in an all-work-no-play situation. Making your working hours and days clear to your co-workers and supervisors is one thing but making them clear to yourself is a whole other issue. To truly enjoy a workcation, you have to be able to incorporate the latter half of that word. When your work hours have expired, or you have an off day on hand, unplug, put those work thoughts in a proverbial box and stow it away, and indulge in whatever it is you have come to that destination for. Explore the great outdoors (easily done if you drive a Ford, and even more so if are behind the wheels of the Ford Endeavour equipped with Terrain Management System), read a book, or just spend copious amounts of time napping!

Choose Your Destination Wisely

A workcation is slightly different from a vacation in the sense that you need to make sure you have access to facilities that will allow you to actually work. Figure out what it is that you need in order to be able to work effectively. Good Wi-Fi is a must for most remote work, especially to handle video meetings. You might also need access to a printer, some quiet place where you can focus, uninterrupted electricity supply, easy connectivity to a town, etc. Choose your destination wisely, making sure that it doesn’t impair your ability to work, lest your pleasant getaway turns into a stressful situation.

Find The Right Company – Or Go Solo!

The company you choose for your workcation can have a major impact on your experience. Choose your company carefully: it might help if your workcation companions also have to work remotely, which means no one is left alone and bored for the day and stay. They should also have access to the infrastructure that they need to be able to work effectively.

But if you can’t find suitable company, go solo! Work will keep you busy for most of the day; the rest is yours to relax and rejuvenate.

Pack Sensibly; Don’t Overlook Essentials

Pack with work in mind. Make sure you have your electronic necessities: laptop, earphones, chargers, portable battery packs, maybe a Wi-Fi dongle. You might also want to pack some formal tops in case you need to attend video meetings with a dress code. Don’t skimp on these work essentials; if you are driving out for your workcation in a Ford car – you have more than enough boot space to take whatever it is that you need to take.

The pandemic has given us a wonderful opportunity to rewrite the definition of ‘workplace’. Rolling a road trip, vacation, and work into one single package can be very appealing. Ford owners have the pleasure of enjoying the journey as much as the destination: with the SYNC® infotainment system and creature comforts like climate control, every drive is entertaining and comfortable. They don’t even need to worry about taking their car to remote areas: with our extensive dealership and service network, you will never be too far from assistance. Just Dial-A-Ford at 1800-419-3000 and avail doorstep inspection and servicing. Additionally, Ford customers can use the FordPass™ app to keep tabs on their cars. The FordPass™ app sends you alerts on oil health and other vehicle parameters, monitors and displays your car’s tyre pressures, gives you digital access to the owner’s manual, and informs you about your service history as well as the availability and cost of genuine Ford parts.

A pleasant environment can work wonders for your productivity and creativity; the way we see it, taking a workcation is a win-win situation for everyone!