Authorised Service Centres Are Better Than Local Workshops Or DIY For Your Car Repairs

Your precious vehicle is a significant investment, hence keeping yourself on top of your maintenance schedule is vital. And there may be times when you are faced with situations of whether to take your vehicle to an authorized service center or a local garage or undertake some do-it-yourself (DIY) repairs, subject to factors like – quality, service cost, parts genuineness, personal rapport with the mechanic, etc.

While a buyer has the freedom of choice to take either of the three above mentioned routes and deal with whomever they choose or go for a DIY, it is always advisable to opt for an authorized service centre like the Ford authorised service centres.

Consider these given factors before making the decision:


You could opt for a self-help or DIY, but chances are you may end up doing more damage to the car rather than fixing it and end up driving up the original cost, mostly due to pure lack of expertise. Also, going to a local workshop requires you to very careful when it comes to the mechanic. Ideally a personal supervision of the local mechanic while he services your car is best, but no one has that much time these days. Point to note here is that even the best of the local workshops may not deliver quality work.

Hence, it is better to leave the service and repair of your car to trained technicians like the ones at Ford authorised service centres. The technicians at Ford go through special training which makes them an expert on every vehicle. Hence, they can easily diagnose the problems and are equipped to address them. Part of Ford’s technician training is learning to be not just quick and efficient, but also safe while performing repairs.


Your family’s safety and vehicle’s functioning quality cannot be compromised. That’s why you must ensure that you use only original genuine parts.

A car is made of tens of thousands of parts, and like any well-oiled machine, each part needs to be in good form to function seamlessly. If these parts work without regular maintenance, they may exceed their service life and gradually degrade car performance. Therefore, use or original parts which are available at authorised service centres is advisable.

For example, in case any vehicle part of your Ford is beyond repair and has to be replaced, you should only get it fixed at a Ford Authorised Service Centre which is equipped with genuine parts. Ford genuine parts are made to the highest standards and backed by warranty, guaranteeing peace of mind for you. All Ford technicians receive the best training and adhere to the same high-quality standards, so you can be rest assured that your Ford is in safe hands.


Today’s paints have been developed with a lot of tech and R&D, as have body panels. It is a work of finesse which require labour, lot of time and the risk of getting exposed to various fumes. Hence, whether you try doing it yourself or from a local workshop – in both cases you end up compromising on quality. Fixing denting and painting to look as good as new requires training and practice that is rarely achievable outside of the professionals who do it often.


If your car is under warranty, you must go to an authorised service centre without having a second thought. It’s actually a no-brainer. A limited warranty often accompanies the purchase of a new vehicle given by the manufacturer. Sometimes though, that warranty becomes null and void if you get your vehicle serviced at a local garage. There are restrictions on the warranty, and it pays to read the fine print, because at times it’ll specify that, to be eligible, the new vehicle must be serviced within the manufacturer’s authorized service centre network, or you can no longer consider your warranty valid.

At Ford, delivering quality is one of the most critical promises that the company makes to its customers. And when it comes to Warranty Promise, we keep it! To offer peace of mind, Ford’s warranty promise ensures that you will never have to face a situation where a warranty claim is not honoured, whether its Simplified Warranty, Extended Warranty or Anytime Warranty.


There is a general perception that authorised centres are extremely costly. Under normal circumstances, you need to visit a service centre once a year unless something major has come up. The authorised centres may be a tad bit expensive, but they deliver quality work.

If you drive a Ford, then you would be aware that we provide the most competitive service and ownership costs among the competition. Independent surveys such as Autocar’s Annual Vehicle Maintenance Study have shown for three years in a row that Ford vehicles are the most affordable to maintain in their respective segments.

Additionally, Ford owners have the advantage of the FordPass™ app which allows them to keep tabs on their cars. The app sends alerts on oil health and other vehicle parameters, monitors and displays the car’s tyre pressures, gives digital access to the owner’s manual, and informs about your vehicle’s service history as well as the availability and cost of genuine Ford parts.