Signs That Indicate Your Car Suspension May Be In Need Of Repair

For a car to remain sure-footed while standing still or in motion, its suspension plays an integral role. The car’s strength is dependent on its suspension system because it supports the tyres. No matter how powerful your car, its performance will be compromised and won’t perform to expectations if it can’t be controlled easily. This is where the suspension system comes in, and it is always advised to use original parts like the Ford Genuine Parts.

The proper functioning of a suspension system is crucial for the optimal handling and braking of your car. This way, the occupants will not suffer any jerk or strain while the car is moving. There are some early warning signs that can alert you about malfunctions in the components of the suspension system.

Let’s see what they are:


A worn-out ball joint is the main culprit responsible for the squeaking noises a car makes when it’s driven around corners and over bumps or during sudden braking. The purpose of the ball joint is to act as the link between the wheels and the suspension system. It plays an important role in bearing the vehicle’s weight. Like all mechanical components, ball joints also wear out after a certain period. This usually happens due to accumulation of dirt and dust, which damages their seals. It results in a loss of friction, which is the main reason behind the squeaking noise.


Over time, you might encounter a situation where you start feeling bumps and potholes more sharply, compared to what you were used to in the initial days. The main reason for this dwindling ride quality is that the shock absorbers of your suspension system constantly face the brunt of the potholed roads. The main function of the shock absorbers is to dampen the spring oscillations when the vehicle drives over a bump or pothole. Shock absorbers tend to weaken over time and may need to be refurbished or replaced more frequently if the car is extensively driven on bad roads.

If you drive a Ford, then you’d know that the design concept of Ford vehicle is paying more attention to the control performance, so the suspension design is more tough, tire grip is also better. In order to respond quickly to the change of the road surface, the suspension can provide a clear sense of road for passengers. The design of the spring is relatively rougher, the stretching stroke is shorter, and the corresponding buffer is also reduced.


When you park your car on a flat surface and feel it is sagging in one corner, chances are that the spring of that area of the suspension system is damaged. If the car leans to one side while driving or you hear a clunking noise from that corner, it is a signal that the spring on that side of the suspension is over-compressed and is no longer effective in supporting the weight of the car. It can result in other related problems, such as uneven wear of tyres, loss of handling, and poor balance while braking.


If you experience some amount of difficulty in steering your car in either direction while driving, it hints at possible damage to a part of the suspension that is linked to the steering system. Apart from worn-out control arm bushings, reasons for difficulty in steering the car in a particular direction include low level of power steering fluid, worn-out power steering belt, faulty power steering pump, or leakage in the power steering rack. A proper diagnosis of the car will reveal the exact reason, which can be rectified by replacing the faulty component.

If you drive a Ford, and face any of these warning signs related to its suspension, it requires a quick visit to a nearby Ford Authorised Service Centres for your safety. You can either Dial-A-Ford and fix an appointment for a check-up or service of your vehicle or call Ford’s roadside assistance in case of a sudden or unfortunate breakdown.

All Ford service centres are well-equipped with Ford genuine spares and trained staff to offer you a quality service experience with absolutely no hassle.

You can also refer to Ford’s New User’s Guide for handy info should you have any questions during daily maintenance and vehicle usage. The aim is to assist you to operate your vehicle with confidence.