All You Need To Know About Engine Oil Leaks – And How To Avoid Them

A car is a miracle of engineering. Tens of thousands of parts must be perfectly in sync to get you to your destination safely and efficiently. And one of the greatest determinants of a car’s health is the quality and integrity of its engine oil. Without it, the engine would overheat, or seize, and you would have a major repair job on your shoulders. But how can you know if your car is leaking oil?

The answer is quite simple!

Park in the same place every night if you can. Check the place under the car’s engine daily or at least once every few days to make sure it is free of any fluids. You might see a damp patch under the car if you’ve been running the AC and you’ve just stopped, and that is okay. But if there’s a patch the morning after you’ve parked the car and it looks oily with iridescence at the edges, your car could be leaking oil.

Why do cars leak oil? There is no specific answer for this. In an ideal world, the service schedule predicts any problems and takes care of them before they even crop up. And if you own a Ford, you would be familiar with our practice of ensuring that all the necessary fluids are inspected at every service – including the engine oil. However, sometimes things can go awry anyway. Here are some of the causes of an engine oil leak:


Gaskets are rubber rings, much like the seal between your pressure cooker’s lid and vessel, only in cars they operate at much higher pressures and temperatures and are much thinner. Oil pans collect the oil so that it can be reused.


Car engines are made to the best quality standards ensuring proper functionality. But if those components are installed improperly meaning fitted either too tightly or loosely, or if even fitted incorrectly, then they can result in leakage. If any of the mentioned components develops a leak, gravity will take over, and the oil will find its way to the bottom of the engine and from there to the road underneath.

Having driven a Ford, you would have experienced the fun-of-driving, reliability and efficiency of the engine, a benchmark experience thanks to the precision and highest quality standards maintained in putting it together. The Ford engines offer the quality and durability you need. However, a machine is after all a composition of parts and components which requires regular checks to avoid any issues like engine oil leaks, so ensure to get your car serviced only at a Ford Authorised Service Centre.


If the valve seals and rings in your vehicle’s oil system become damaged, your engine may develop small oil leaks.

The point to remember here is that engine oil leaks do not just happen when your car is parked. Sometimes they can occur when the car is in motion and you may also experience white smoke through your exhaust while you accelerate. Should that happen, the heat from your engine will burn up the leaking oil producing a noticeable odour.

This is an indication that you probably have worn out or defective valve seals and/or rings. This will also affect your emissions system.

You could check your engine oil level regularly using the dipstick, and if you notice it is falling, it could be due to a leak. Just remember to always check it when the engine is cold! All Fords will show you a warning sign via the– Engine Oil Warning Lamp icon that the oil pressure has dropped if there is a big leak. So, make sure you keep an eye on all the warning symbols on the dashboard whenever you’re in the driver’s seat. For more info on engine oil, you can also watch our video on the Ford India YouTube channel.

And, if you drive a Ford, then you’d know that with the FordPass™ mobile app which is connected to your car, you can easily keep a tab on your car’s health – oil life, fuel level, tyre pressure, etc.

A problem with the engine is essentially a safety concern: you do not want to get stuck in the middle of nowhere with an engine that needs expert attention. That is why you need to adhere to your Ford’s service schedule and always get your car serviced only at Ford Authorised Service Centres. Local mechanics perhaps do not undergo the rigorous training and certification that Ford’s service force goes through, so they might install the engine oil components improperly. Therefore, the trick here is to be mindful of your car’s health and take it to the right place.

Ford is committed to top-quality yet affordable service, and this is coupled with easily accessible service centres and appointments. We use only Ford Genuine Parts that meet the highest quality standards possible and are among the most affordably priced spares in their respective segments. In the 2020 Edition of Autocar’s Annual Vehicle Maintenance Study, Ford cars & SUVs have been rated as the most affordable to maintain in their respective segments, for the third year in a row – as they boast of the lowest ownership cost in their respective segments, both for spares and service/labour.

We are Committed to Serve You and we strive to ensure you have a great ownership experience. To keep your car in great running condition, timely checks are necessary, as they help in fixing important issues like engine oil leaks too. And for this all you have to do is simply dial 1800-419-3000 for Dial-A-Ford and schedule a service; a Ford representative will pick up your car, get it in top-notch condition, and deliver it back to your doorstep!