You are out driving along happily and having a great day when you hear a sharp ding against your windscreen. You decide it’s all good and continue driving. Upon reaching your destination, you notice a hairline crack in your windshield glass. Uh-oh. Is it safe to keep driving?

We have all been there. Noticing a small crack in the car’s windshield, we often dismiss it and keep driving. But it is important to prioritize getting the windshield fixed immediately. Leaving a small crack unrepaired and continuing to drive will cause the crack to spread. This is a serious concern and has the full potential to compromise the safety of the car.

Let us look at some of the risks of driving around with a cracked windshield:

Visibility Obstruction

Cracks and chips can cause blurred vision and serve as a distraction for the driver leading to potential accident risks. Moreover, cracks reflect light and result in a blinding glare that takes the driver’s attention from the road putting all the occupants in mortal danger. Unrepaired cracks become home to moisture, sand, and dirt seeps through causing distortion. And during foggy or wet weather when you need perfect clarity to avoid accidents, cracks are hazardous. All the mentioned reasons make it imperative to replace the damaged windshield on priority. And to do so, it is always advisable to opt for an authorized service centre like the Ford authorised service centres. Our service centres are equipped with Ford Genuine Parts, which are made to the highest standards and backed by warranty, guaranteeing peace of mind for you.

Impact On Car’s Structural Integrity

The windshield is a crucial component of a car. It not only protects the driver and passengers from the outside elements but is also a vital part of a car’s safety system, along with seat belts and airbags. It provides the structural integrity to a vehicle and acts as a load-bearing element. In case of a frontend collision, an intact windshield actively transfers the force of the impact towards the chassis—downwards—and away from the driver/passenger. A cracked windshield is essentially weak and won’t be able to efficiently perform its life-saving function and will instead break on impact. This also affects the proper deployment of the airbags, which serve to protect the driver and passengers.

Crack Spreads Over Time When Left Unattended

That seemingly tiny chipped off area in the windshield is a time bomb, believe it or not. These small chips grow into large cracks across the glass in no time owing to moisture, uneven road conditions, and temperature changes which worsen the damage. These factors make the glass to expand and contract, stressing the weakened glass eventually spreading the crack all over. If the damage is left to go too long, it can ultimately shatter. It is possible that sometimes due to paucity of time one is not able to take the car to the workshop irrespective of the urgency. But if you drive a Ford, you don’t need to worry. All you need to do is simply dial 1800-419-3000 for Dial-A-Ford and schedule a Doorstep Service for your vehicle. A Ford representative will pick up your car, get your vehicle in top notch condition, and deliver it back to your doorstep.

Abstain From DIY Repair Of Damaged Windshield

There may be several do-it-yourself (DIY) solutions and hacks that appear to be a tempting option to fix the windshield crack, but for all you know they may cause more harm than good resulting in the crack to spread across the windshield. An imperfectly fitted windshield can put your life as well as the lives of others in danger.

Let’s get this straight – A DIY solution cannot repair a windshield crack. It must be replaced, and it is better to leave the work to trained technicians like the ones at Ford authorised service centres. The technicians at Ford go through special training which makes them an expert on every vehicle. Hence, they can easily diagnose the problems and are equipped to address them.

Your family’s safety and vehicle’s functioning quality cannot be compromised. That’s why you must ensure that you use only original genuine parts. If you drive a Ford, then you would be aware that we provide the most competitive service and ownership costs among the competition. This has been testified by independent surveys such as Autocar’s Annual Vehicle Maintenance Study for three years in a row that Ford vehicles are the most affordable to maintain in their respective segments.

Wondering how much would the windshield cost? Don’t worry, if you own a Ford, we have you covered. Head to our dedicated page of Service Price Promise on the Ford India website to know our surprisingly affordable maintenance costs. Might we also add that we keep our word – what you see on our website is what you will be charged at the service centre.

Drive Safe!