Your car is undoubtedly a significant investment made by you, which is not only a machine on wheels but a part of your personality. The tiniest scratch on its surface can potentially upset you. And so, you always want to take utmost care of your car throughout the year.

But the rainy season poses a lot of challenges for every car owner as it needs extra care during these days.

Well, you can protect your car on rainy days in many ways. Taking good care by pursuing standard procedures will help keep the components healthy, rust-free, and functioning properly. This will ensure that your car will be up and running in stable condition throughout the monsoons. And to do so, it is always advisable to opt for an authorized service centre like the Ford authorised service centres.

Let us look at some of the useful tips mentioned below which will help prep your car for the rainy season:


Surprised, right? Of course, this would sound counterintuitive to many, but consider that if your car is parked in the open, then leaving it uncovered is advisable. Although we know that a car cover protects the vehicle from dust and rain, however, rain-soaked plastic or tarpaulin covers may stick to the car paint upon drying. This essentially means that you run the risk of paint peeling off while removing the cover. However, parking your car indoors or under a shelter is a better option.


Constant exposure to rain can hamper the paint of the car and damage it. The best way to protect the car exterior paint is by coating it with car wax. People often go for the ceramic coating to prevent paint damage, but car wax is a cost-effective substitute for ceramic paint protection treatments and can keep your car looking almost new for years together. Besides, it deflects moisture from the surface of your vehicle and prevents rain droplets from coming into direct contact with car paint.


It is advisable to always park your car indoors. Sun’s UV damage and acids in the rain both impact the car badly– right from the paint to the interior, the tires, the door and window seals. If you have a garage or a more sheltered place to park, use this to keep your car out of reach of the harmful elements. Parking in a covered area not only protects your car from the rain but also from sunlight and extremes of temperatures. If you can find a parking space with partial covers, such as under a tree, then this is always preferable to leaving it out in the open.


The underbody of the car may be out of sight, but it certainly should not be out of your mind when it comes to care and maintenance during the rainy season. The part underneath the car containing the tailpipe, driveshaft, air outlet pipe and other components are often subjected to standing water, splashing puddles, moisture, and dirt/grime mixture that can lead to the effectiveness of your brake system. The water may even seep into any cracked or loose CV joints (Constant-velocity joints), washing away lubrication, and doing more damage. Thoroughly cleaning it with a mixture of used engine oil and diesel can keep the suspension trouble-free.

The most effective way of ensuring the underbody of your Ford car is cleaned is by giving opting for the Dial-A-Ford service by simply dialing 1800-419-3000 and scheduling a Doorstep Service for your vehicle. A Ford representative will pick up your car, get your vehicle in top-notch condition, and deliver it back to your doorstep.

For foolproof protection, experts recommend installing mudguards. This will prevent mud from splashing on the underbody and make cleaning it more manageable.


Electricity and water – Not a great mix! It’s a good idea to get the integrity of your vehicle’s electrical system checked ahead of the monsoons. Exposed live wires or connections upon coming in contact with water can cause short-circuiting, leading to severely hampering the functioning of your car.

Just In Time For The Rains – FORD MONSOON CAMP

During Monsoons,  vehicles may get impacted due to the rainwater. And it surely becomes troublesome to get your vehicle back in shape. But if you drive a Ford, don’t worry we will have you covered.

Do keep a lookout for Ford India’s upcoming Monsoon Camp at a dealership closest to you. As part of the campaign, you can avail of several benefits in the form of exclusive offers on vehicle body wash, including discounts on certain parts and services among many others when you get your Ford serviced at one of our authorized service centres.

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Cars often need a little extra attention and care during the rains. So, follow the above tips to ensure you have a trouble-free experience and get your favourite Ford spic and span with the benefit of budget-friendly service!

Happy Driving!