Explore These Destinations As You Drive On National Highway 44

National Highway 44 (NH44) is not just a road; it adds a character to the roadmaps of India, establishing the diversity of the land waiting to be explored at every turn of it.

Running from Kashmir in the North, it leads travellers to the southern-most point, Kanyakumari. As you plan your next vacation, some of these places that deck up the 3,745 km long highway along its side will make for most amazing destinations that you can explore on the go.

Jammu & Kashmir

If you are driving from north to south, you commence your journey from a place that has been conferred the status of being ‘as beautiful as heaven’. The sprawling green meadows, the celestial nature-scapes, the pristine lakes and the lofty mountains make Kashmir a delight for your eyes. Taste some authentic Kashmiri cuisine like Rogan Josh and Yakhni Pulao.

Drive in your Ford EcoSport with confidence to negotiate the twisty roads and steep uphill climbs as you drive out of the Kashmir valley.

Jalandhar & Ludhiana

From Kashmir, you will enter the land that was the epicentre of the Green Revolution in India, Punjab.

Besides its lush green fields and sprawling farms, Punjab is also a big industrial hub, producing textiles, sports goods, cycles & pharmaceuticals to name a few. Jalandhar and Ludhiana are two major hubs that are on the NH44 and are absolutely worth a stop.

Travelling in your Ford EcoSport allows you ample space to buy as much sports gear Jalandhar as you like. The car will equally be at ease while navigating through the city traffic as you make your way to visit the Jung-e-Azaadi War Memorial, a monument honouring the valour of many soldiers who laid their lives in India’s independence struggle.

Next on the route comes Ludhiana, where you can savour many rich culinary delights. You could also strike a good deal on your favourite clothing or visit bicycle factories in the city, the world’s largest producer of peddled two-wheelers.

Legendary Kurukshetra

Bring back some of the thrilling childhood memories of listening to the valiant descriptions of the Mahabartha war at Kurukshetra, and relive the experience at the spot itself while passing by the state of Haryana.

Travel to Sri Krishna Museum in your Ford EcoSport and see historical artefacts from the era of the kings. The city is built adjacent to a large water body, called Brahma Sarovar and considered holy by Hindus, is worth a visit too.

Majestic Agra

Agra is the city much known for housing the eternal beauty in marbles, the Taj Mahal.

NH44 makes its way through the town of Agra, and you can quickly drop by to witness the highest form of human excellence in the architecture of the medieval period. Choose to taste some petha in Agra that is famous for its authentic north Indian taste.

Mystic Mathura

The city on the banks of River Yamuna, Mathura is a name that finds relevance in almost every verse, literature, accounts and documents that relate the legends of Sri Krishna with the Indian mythology. An integral part of the soul of the country, Mathura can be a great destination to explore while driving along NH44. Ford EcoSport will be your perfect companion to wade through the narrow bylanes of this historical city.

Gwalior Fort

Drive your comfortable Ford EcoSport along the spotless roads of NH44 and drop by the city of Gwalior to witness the splendour of the fort made hundreds of years ago by the erstwhile rulers, to feel the history in your veins.

Green Seoni Hills, Madhya Pradesh

Sometimes, the road is more beautiful than the destination; and when you pass through the topsy-turvy ghats of the Seoni hills, the forest trails of Mogli might linger in your mind.

Beat the roughness of the roads with a smooth drive of your Ford EcoSport and enjoy every bit of your ride.

Natural Nagpur

Here comes a destination along NH44 that marks the transition between the north and the Deccan. Take a break at Nagpur to rejuvenate your senses with the fresh air and the local oranges. You can also opt to satiate your taste buds with the locally famous, Tarri Poha.


Anantapur is a place in Andhra Pradesh that is home to caves, temples, churches, etc. that make your experience of visiting the site memorable forever. A drive through in the Ford EcoSport will add dimensions to your trip with comfort.


A mesmerising skyline with 14 gopurams and the exceptional Meenakshi temple inevitably calls for the attraction of the beholders. After travelling for more than half of the entire length of NH44, this city will energise you with its vibrancy and colours.


Kanyakumari is where the long journey of NH44 ends. It is also the place that witnesses confluence of three massive water bodies – the Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea & Bay of Bengal — maintaining their individual characteristic colours and wave patterns. The sound of the surging waves will appease your soul with a feeling of fulfilment. Do not forget to get the taste of the banana chips here that make for a great snacking option.

The long roads are awaiting your footsteps. While you can add this long road trip to your must do list later, you can start by picking a spot closest to you on this majestic highway and plan a perfect summer road trip for your family in your favourite Ford to explore the soul of India.