Do You Know About These Drive-in Theatres in Your City?

An idea that was sown by Richard Hollingshead in 1933; drive-in theatres were innovated to encourage large families to enjoy a movie together, just like Ford encourages you to make memories on a fun road trip with your family.

Today drive-in theatres have made a comeback in India, giving giant multiplexes a tough run for their money. Here are some Indian drive-in theatres where you can enjoy a Friday night movie comfortably in your Ford car.

Prarthana Beach Drive-In Theatre, Chennai

Located on the east coast road near Marina Beach in Chennai, the Prarthana Beach Drive-In Movie Theatre offers an experience beyond expectations. As the theatre’s powerful beam projects the movie on its 4,500 square foot screen, your Ford Freestyle’s plush interiors will allow you to recline your seat and enjoy a first-class night show. Its rear view camera will help you wriggle out of tight parking spaces in a jiffy after a great show!

Sunset Drive-In Cinema, Ahmedabad

Take your stunning Ford Aspire for a spin to the legendary Sunset Drive-In Theatre in Ahmedabad’s Avkar Complex. A spacious five-seater family sedan Ford Aspire has built-in automatic climate control for you to have the most comfortable in-car movie experience. Visit the open theatre on a lazy Sunday night with your entire family and munch on some delicious snacks available in the area.

Balaji Drive-In Cinema, Vishakhapatnam

Step up your Saturday night game by heading to Vishakhapatnam’s serene Balaji Drive-In Theatre to enjoy a family movie experience under the sky. Your Ford EcoSport’s 123 PS petrol engine will surge through as you leave the buzzing city traffic to reach the Vizag- Srikakulam highway in Sheelanagar, where the theatre is located.

Your comfortable EcoSport will ensure you and your family have a premium in-car movie experience. Its wider seats offer more bolstering and softer cushioning so you won’t even feel like you’re watching a movie in a car! Enjoy delicious food from the in-theatre restaurant and make cherished memories with your family, which will be remembered for years to come.

Gurgaon Talkies, Delhi NCR

Taking cinematic experience up a notch is North-India’s first drive-in theatre, Gurgaon Talkies. Located off the commercial grid in Revenue Estate, Gwalpahari, there is no better Ford car suited for the experience than the Ford Endeavour. Pop open the panoramic sun-roof and make the open-air movie watching experience magical. A romantic date night option, enjoy delicious food and grandeur with this larger than life movie experience.

There is something beautiful about path bending firsts. Whether it is taking your first Ford car for a spin or a first drive-in theatre experience with your family, memories like these last a lifetime. With Ford India’s range of cars that offer outstanding safety, comfortable seats and much more, a drive-in theatre experience with the whole family is an extraordinary feeling you can enjoy in any of these cities in India.

To celebrate movie experiences like these, Ford India is giving out free tickets for a night under the stars in all these cities. So don’t wait. If you are in one of the cities, go to Ford’s Facebook page and share your Ford story with us and get a chance to be one of the lucky few.