How Many of These Lockdown Terms Do You Know?

Did you know that iconic English playwright – Shakespeare – created some of his most famous works while quarantined? It’s true; his plays’ Macbeth’, ‘King Lear’ and ‘Anthony and Cleopatra’ were written in the 17th century, during the great plague of London. And just like Shakespeare, some people are putting their creativity to excellent use by coining some interesting terms related to the ongoing pandemic.

So, as we observe English Language Day, which just so happens to be Shakespeare’s birth anniversary, let’s look at some lockdown-inspired hybrid words that have made their way into common lingo.


Are you one of those men who could never make up his mind on whether or not to sport a beard? Or do you have too much on your plate to be bothered about shaving? Well, if your beard has grown out for either of those reasons, what you are sporting right now is termed an ‘isobeard’ (isolation + beard) without being bothered about shaving.

Usage: I love my Isobeard, it’s been weeks since I last shaved.


Life during a lockdown means that you are constantly scouring the internet and refreshing your feed for the latest updates. But since most of the news that is covered during a pandemic tends to be gloomy, the act of scrolling through social media and news websites has been termed ‘doomscrolling’.

Usage: I was awake till 3 a.m last night doomscrolling about COVID-19 updates around the world.


The people you are living with during the lockdown or those with whom you spend time while home quarantining, make up your ‘quaranteam’. Whether they are family, flatmates or friends, this is the squad you’ve got to get you through the pandemic.

Usage: I’m having a great time at home, thanks to my quaranteam.


If you have been spending more time on social media than usual, you would have come across fitness challenges and home workout videos with the hashtag ‘#Quarantoned’. The word attempts to encourage people to exercise and stay fit while they are under lockdown.

Usage: My friend and I have been working out regularly. We’re getting Quarantoned.


Quarantini (quarantine + martini) is a cocktail that people are drinking during the home quarantine. Nonetheless, your cocktail doesn’t strictly have to be a martini; you can blend whatever spirits you have at home and create a novel cocktail.

Usage: My quarantini for the day is a blend of whiskey, cranberry juice, and orange bitters.


Head out for a walk or work out at home? Manage with supplies at home or step out to get groceries? If you’ve been forced to choose between seemingly tricky choices over the past few weeks, the chances are that you’re in a ‘Covid-22’ situation. This phrase is derived from the popular ‘catch-22’ which means that you’re stuck between two seemingly impossible choices.

Usage: I can’t believe we have to be quarantined at a time when the air is so clean- what a Covid-22 situation!


Many people are experiencing quickly changing mood swings on account of the current situation. One moment you are enjoying the lockdown and happy to be home, but suddenly those feelings change into anxiety and helplessness because you don’t know what to do stuck at home. This emotional roller-coaster amidst the coronavirus crisis is a ‘Coronacoaster’.

Usage: While I’m happy for the planet, self-isolation is really getting to me. This coronacoaster I’m on is insane.

Virtual Happy Hour

The lockdown may have brought socialising to a standstill, but you can still enjoy a fun night-in with friends through what is being called virutal happy hour. This is when you get on a conference call with your gang and say “cheers” to a few drinks. It’s perfect for wrapping up the week and staying positive in the current situation. And you don’t even have to worry about getting home safe, because you are already home.

Usage: I’ve had one crazy week. You up for virtual happy hour this Friday?

These are a few words popularly used on the internet to unify people’s experience all around the world during these crucial times. You too can use them in your conversations to express yourself. And while you remain #ParkedForSafety, remember to stay positive and be safe!