Tips To Prepare For Road Trips With Your Pets

As a pet parent, you’ve probably seen the frown and displeasure on your pet’s face when heading out, whether for a few hours or a few days. If you’re packing your bags, most pets are smart enough to immediately know that you’ll be gone a while; and that’s when they unleash the power of their puppy eyes and whiny sounds, hoping you’ll change your mind.

Fortunately, with the introduction of pet-friendly hotels and accessories, your furry friends can now join you on every road trip you take. Whether you’re planning a whole day picnic, short weekend getaway, or a week-long holiday, your pets too can enjoy a change of scenery. So, here are some tips on how to prepare your car for a safe and comfortable road trip with your pets.

Use Waterproof Seat Covers

Just like little kids, pets get overexcited during car journeys; they might move around the backseat, salivate, and even fur while you are driving. Hence, it makes sense to use sturdy seat-covers which can go a long way in protecting your seats.

If you have a Ford Freestyle, get your seats fitted with Ford’s high-quality seat covers that come in three design variants. These seat covers can do more than just make your car interiors look classy. They include a special 20 mm foam for added comfort and can be easily cleaned.

Car Hammock For Added Safety

Large, furry dogs – like a retriever, German shepherd or labrador – need more space to get comfy in the back seat compared to smaller breeds. And a pet hammock can help give them this space while ensuring they stay within the confines. Suspended between the four headrests, a rugged, waterproof hammock is large and supportive. It can also make travelling comfortable for older dogs, as they can easily rest against the hammock.

One of the best things about car hammocks is that they come in different sizes. That means whether you drive a sporty hatchback, like the Ford Figo or a muscular SUV, like the Ford Endeavour, you can easily affix a car hammock to ensure your pet feels safe and comfortable on long and short drives.

Carriers & Beds

While some pets (usually dogs) enjoy putting their head outside the car windows, other kinds of pets – such as cats, rabbits and hamsters – might feel a little uneasy on long drives. Having a carrier or bedding familiar to your pet can make the journey less stressful and more comfortable. Carriers, for instance, help pets feel safe and protected in their confines, which reduces nervousness.

The Ford EcoSport not only has plenty of room for your luggage but also features 60/40 split rear seats which can be folded down to create space for your pet’s carrier, bed and other belongings. To make the drive even more enjoyable, you can also open up the sunroof and let fresh air circulate inside the cabin without worrying about your pet’s safety.

Foldable Access Ramp

Having a compact and easy-to-store ramp can be of great support to older or disabled pets and help them have the experiences they deserve. And if it’s just you and your pet travelling, then having a ramp is highly beneficial as you can help your pet safely enter the car with minimal support. If you are worried about storage, the ramp can snugly fit under your luggage or back seat and is quick to set up.

Use Child Locks

Now, no one’s saying your pet can use open up locked car doors on their own. But most pets can’t stay in one position for too long. They move around, adjust themselves, feed their curiosity by heading from one window to the other, and reposition themselves over and over. And ensuring the child locks on the back doors of your car are active is a must to prevent the door from accidentally opening. This way, they are safe at all time, and you do not have to worry about them while driving.

Food & Cleaning Supplies

Much like kids, carrying a bag of pet food, healthy treats, water, and their favourite toys is important when travelling with a pet. This way, you can give them a treat from time to time to reward them for good travel behaviour. It is also advisable to carry a small bottle of diluted rubbing alcohol, tissues, and wet wipes to clean stains then and there.

Ford cars come with several smart storage spaces in the front and back, making it easy to store and access essentials for your pets when you journey with them. For instance, the Ford EcoSport has a central console with a storage facility and a retractable rear armrest with cup-holders that make it chew sticks, sanitisers etc. easy to access without searching for them.

Besides the above-mentioned tips, make sure you take breaks during the drive so that your pets can stretch and relieve themselves. Keep them hydrated and avoid overfeeding them. Avoid car-fresheners, since they might irritate sensitive pets. And always keep a leash handy. The key to an unforgettable road trip with your pets is to keep them happy, comfortable and give them your attention.