Make Picnics More Fun with These Simple Tips

One of the best memories from childhood are those picnics where the whole family used to gather and have a blast together. Picnics are one of the best and fun ways to bond with loved ones. It’s engaging; you travel, play games, and there is good food involved!

If you can’t remember the last time you went on a picnic, it’s time you must plan one. It’s alright even if you’re thinking of a faraway place. You can drive through any distance or terrain with best SUV in India from Ford.

So plan a day out with your family this International Picnic Day, and add more fun to it with a few simple tips mentioned below:

Pick a Theme

Kids love theme-based events; it could be their favourite show, cartoon character, or sport. Also, a theme adds a twist to the picnic and preparing for it is half the fun. Prepare costumes, theme-based food, decorations etc. Choose simple themes that involve kids and don’t require a lot of prep – like grilling food at the picnic spot or packing food in colours that celebrate India’s Independence Day in August. You won’t have to worry about leaving anything behind as you can fit it all in the spacious Ford Endeavour.

Create a Playlist

Creating a playlist beforehand means uninterrupted fun as you drive to your destination in your Ford car. You can ask everyone to give suggestions and curate a playlist that has something for each of your family members. Now even someone sitting at the back can play DJ as the new SYNC 3 allows you to control your entertainment system with voice commands. It also makes driving safe by keeping your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road instead of your smartphone.

Take Games Along

Who doesn’t like playing games? Whether it’s a board game or an outdoor sport-carry something that everyone can enjoy. Games like UNO, frisbee and carom are always fun, but try something new this time. Other great ways to engage kids and adults alike are preparing kites and flying them or going for fishing.

With your Ford EcoSport, you don’t have to worry about carrying different gears for different games. Between the compact SUVs 20 storage spaces and large boot, you can carry anything- carom board, fishing gear or any other gaming paraphernalia with ease.

Divide the Prep Responsibility

Whether you are preparing before the picnic or cleaning up afterwards- dividing the responsibilities among everyone doesn’t just make it easier but also teaches kids about teamwork. The anticipation involved in the preparation makes it more exciting. Kids would enjoy being a part of the preparations as it makes them feel like an active participant.

Prepare Your Own Meal

It is always advisable to carry perishable and non-perishable ones separately. The same goes for wet and dry ingredients to keep things fresh. This can be turned into a fun activity where you can put all the food out, and everyone can mix and match items to their taste!

Convenience at Every Step

It’s convenient to carry certain things while you’re outdoors. Things like an ice-box, bug sprays or citronella candles, and garbage bags can come handy. With Ford India’s technically advanced and spacious utility vehicles like Freestyle, you can carry on at your convenience with ample space for everyone and everything.

Now that you know the pro tips to plan a perfect picnic, go ahead and plan a fun day out with your family. Head out in your Ford car and make it even better by taking a road trip to an exclusive destination.